Easy Destinations for Holidaying with a Small Baby

Sometimes just getting ready for a quick trip to the supermarket becomes something of a mammoth task with a small baby in tow (it’s quite amazing how much you’ll need, and fit into one buggy when you try.) So, perhaps the thought of packing up and going on a holiday with your partner and baby might seem an impossible dream – but it really shouldn’t be!

There is a lot of advice out there offering really amazing tips on travelling with kids and how to prepare for your holiday, and how to get there (aeroplane and all) safely, calmly and happily. So, once you’ve read up on that, here are some locations ideally suited to a family with one or more small baby or child.

First and foremost, don’t be afraid of long-haul flights. In fact, long flights are definitely easier to do before your baby is mobile. Also, keep in mind that babies can travel even when they’re just two days old! When travelling with babies it’s also a good idea to take the trip with a group of friends or family who understand your situation and will provide an extra pair of hands.


Just a short flight away from the UK, Portugal is a favourite for families with a baby on board. Portugal is economical and well suited to young families that have just been faced with the various newborn expenses. Family friendly and rich with cultural heritage sights, Portugal is a destination that you, your partner, and your baby will love. Life in Portugal is very family oriented and the country as a whole is incredibly child friendly with many hotels offering childcare and fun things for slightly older kids to enjoy. Just remember to pack the suncream as it can get very hot in summer, particularly for sensitive baby skin.


Italy’s tip of the boot region is a super holiday choice for you and your baby thanks to the delicious food and clear blue seas. Sicily is especially a great destination if you are traveling with a group as you can get gorgeous locally owned beachfront villas with private pools ideal for both those who want to play on the beach without a long way to travel, and others who want to lounge by the pool with all the home amenities right at hand. Generally renting a villa when holidaying with small infants can make life much easier as mealtimes are on your schedule, it will be much quieter than a hotel, and you won’t have to worry about waking other guests if the baby has a bad night. Like the locals in Portugal Italians love their children and you won’t find people turning their nose up if you decide to go to a nice restaurant with baby in tow- but small streets and hills may make pushing a buggy a little challenging.


As a holiday destination, Lanzarote is one where relaxing is at the order of the day. The warm climate proves for a lovely beach holiday, and the light breeze means the heat shouldn’t be too stifling. The sea is generally calm and a nice way to introduce your baby to the sea, and there are many beautiful parks with kids areas for you all to enjoy. Plus there are many supermarkets in which you can find all the essentials for the baby, as well as some local treats for parents too!

The French Riviera

As well as being an exceptionally beautiful destination, with blue seas and plenty of sunshine, the French Riviera is a great holiday spot for your first family holiday. I’d recommended renting a car- after all if you’re with a baby you may want to get road trips done before you have a child asking ‘are we there yet’ for the duration of any journey you take. I would suggest investing in a GPS though as road signs can be confusing. Again, the heat is often more tolerable because there is a light breeze, but this breeze may also mean slightly chillier evenings so be sure to pack a light cardigan or jumper for any evening strolls.

Other than these splendid 4 destinations, the world is full of holiday possibilities with babies on tow. Just take it easy and check with your doctor for any possible vaccinations before you leave (particularly if you’re going long-haul) and you’re set to go. Holidays are a time to relax, do what you want and not to feel guilty about doing very little. Take a camera and have an amazing time wherever you go.


Guest Post by Emily Jones

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