Getting out and about with a new baby: My Ergobaby 360 review

As a new Mum I found getting out and about with a newborn baby incredibly difficult. I never thought that would happen as where I live in Brighton, I see new parents parading along the seafront every day with the tiniest of babies – sleeping peacefully in their prams whilst their parents stroll along enjoying an ice cream in the sun. For us, Violet wouldn’t settle in her  pram for weeks – I felt totally stuck and stayed in the house a lot. At about 5 weeks and about to lose my marbles, I decided I’d try babywearing as I needed to leave the house and start getting some normality back to our lives.

As Violet was a tiny baby at 6lbs 2oz, my first jaunt into babywearing land was a stretchy fabric wrap. This had been recommended by a friend for smaller babies, so I gave that a go. That day, I managed to get out of the house to our local Tesco and honestly, it sounds like a small thing now but I was so proud of myself going out on my own with the baby I even took a selfie of me holding up my Tesco shopping bags, a tiny baby tied to my front! It’s funny how little things can seem so hard for new parents. I still remember that day so well.

I was pleased for the extra freedom of the wrap, but something inside wouldn’t let me relax when I was using it, it felt pretty stretchy and with a complex method of tying it up I always questioned myself – had I tied it too loose, too tight? Could Violet fall out? I didn’t go far from the house with it for fear it would come loose, in the end I decided it just wasn’t working for us and gave up on the wrap.

I then scoured the Internet for an alternative and discovered the Ergobaby 360, which I could use from 7lbs with their newborn insert snug. Perfect! This seemed far sturdier, safer and something we’d both be able to relax in.

So, zooming forward – that was nearly 5 months ago now. Wow, time flies when you are having fun and this is a long overdue review of one of the most useful baby products we have used to date. Violet is just about to turn 5 months and I use our Ergobaby 360 every day without fail, sometimes if it’s a bit of a clingy day (like today) multiple times (today was 6 different times, including one hour long nap). As I’ve been using our Ergobaby 360 so much today I thought today would be the perfect time to write up my review and share with you why this carrier has been the one for us. I also found these adorable photos we took of Violet in her carrier on our first walk, so I couldn’t resist sharing these too.

Lets start off with some facts about the Ergobaby 360…

  • 4 carrying positions – Forward facing (0-4 months), Outward Facing (6 months+), Side Carry (6 months+) and Back Carry (6 months+)
  • Suitable for babies 7lbs – 33lbs
  • Ergonomic in all positions
  • Adjustable padded straps and waist band for comfort
  • Loads of funky designs and colours
  • Machine Washable

Wearing the carrier – as you can see from this picture of the back, the large waistband is super comfy and is really supportive to the lower back area (which after pregnancy was really sore for me) – there is also comfy shoulder straps and a clip at the top to keep everything super secure and safe. This seems to spread the weight evenly across my back meaning I can wear the carrier for longer without feeling too strained. I have tried out quite a few carriers now (around 4 or 5) and this by far has been the best on my back, even on longer walks and as Violet gets heavier over time.

The straps are also really easy to put on and click into place safely – something I just didn’t feel with a stretchy wrap type carrier.

As we used our Ergobaby 360 from when Violet was very small (7lbs onwards) we used it with the newborn insert – which is like a little booster seat that brings them high enough to be close to you and to sit comfortably within the straps. We also used it with the neck support buttoned up, although now she is bigger we usually have this folded down so she can have a good look about for for the forward facing setting too.

We have the Dewy Grey design which has a gorgeous light grey lining with white raindrops too, which is a really pretty touch to what looks like a very sensible baby carrier.

The padded ‘seat’ part is ergonomically designed for babies to be comfortable in all positions, whether facing forward or inwards.

There is also a privacy hood that is also UPF 50+ which is really handy on sunny days when I’ve forgotten the sunhat or even if we are caught in the rain. If Violet falls asleep when she’s in the carrier I usually pop the neck support up and the cover over so she can have a good nap, this seems to keep her asleep for longer which is always good – I do this around the house on days she’s unsettled and have been known to write blog posts standing in the house with our Ergobaby on!

So, that was a whistle stop tour of the Ergobaby 360. I’d highly, highly recommend this carrier – we absolutely LOVE ours and like I said earlier in the post, wear it daily, multiple times a day. I use it at home, out on walks, on day trips and it even came on holiday with us. If you watch me on Instastories, you’ll see I use it a lot! It’s just such a well thought out design, they’ve catered for every eventuality, rain or shine, babies big or small – they’ve got you covered.

Ergobaby 360 retails for £134.90 and you can order here. Don’t forget that if your baby is under 12lbs, you’ll need the order here too.

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