Ooh, you little scrubber! (& a giveaway!)

Okay okay, a blog post about washing up isn’t the most interesting is it? But if you have a new baby listen up as I have all the tips you need to know – as you will be washing a LOT of bottles and honestly, those tricky little blighters are harder to wash up than you think, especially the colic bottles with all those extra bits and bobs inside, they are a nightmare! Whichever bottle you use, I’m sure you’ll want to get it to be squeaky clean as any milk residue can be seriously harmful to your baby if it’s not cleaned properly due to the bacteria that will form.

So, as we all hate washing up I’ll try make this as quick as possible (like I do the washing up) and share some of my top tips as I’d now consider myself a pro-bottle washer (what a title!). I also want to mention that all of these products work for either formula or expressed breast milk, so unless you are exclusively breastfeeding there should be some tips to help, however you feed…

  • Always wash your bottles in a fresh bowl of warm water (i.e not in with all your regular cups, plates and cutlery) this means there is no cross-contamination from traces of food, grease or bacteria.
  • Use a bottle brush, every time! Give all bottles a good scrub in warm water using a decent bottle brush to get in all the little areas that would be hard to reach. Also remember to keep your bottle brush clean and dried in between washes.
  • Try Nimble Babies Milk Buster each time you clean your bottles – it works like magic to remove any milk residue and build up that not only is a breeding ground for bacteria but makes bottles cloudy over time too. Made from a formula milder than washing up liquid as it’s made from ingredients derived from sugar, coconuts and amino acids it’s totally safe to use from birth and passes the ‘tulip test’ for being pH neutral too.
  • Invest in a decent drying rack – I use the OXO tot drying rack which has lots of prongs you can dry bottles individually, if you just place them on the side of the sink you’ll find they don’t dry properly or very quickly either.
  • Always sterilise your bottles after washing them. We got the Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set when Violet was born which was a fab starter kit as we literally had no idea where to start – so this has everything you need to get going with feeding. This includes an electric steriliser that works within just a few minutes, so if you have a screaming baby on your hands and you’ve left the bottles to the last minute (it happens) they won’t take too long!

I know, these tips sound really simple and common sense, but honestly having a newborn is so overwhelming sometimes you need to take it back to basics so I hope this has helped!

Just to relieve some of the extra stress too, I’m giving away a couple of bottles of the Nimble Babies Milk Buster as honestly, it’s a lifesaver. We use it every day, as well as taking the travel sized bottles on holiday with us too. So if you’d like to win 2 full sized bottles to try yourself, enter below:


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Post contains PR samples, however all words and opinions are my own. Competition prize supplied by Nimble Babies 

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