7 Simple Ways to Give your Bathroom a Refresh

From long relaxing soaks in the bath to quick showers, the bathroom is a space that we use several times on a daily basis, so it’s not surprising if yours is looking more drab than fab. Luckily, there are many ways to give your bathroom a refresh without spending too much money, and that won’t take up too much of your time either. These simple styling tips and tricks from BigBathroomShop.co.uk will transform your bathroom and create a fresh new look in an instant.

New towels and accessories

Stylish new towels and accessories provide a quick and easy way to makeover your bathroom, and a bold colour choice or design adds extra character to the space. If your bathroom is mostly white, towels in a bright colour or eye-catching pattern will give the room a much needed lift, and it’s surprising how something so simple can transform the look and feel of the space with minimal effort.
Towels, bath mats and accessories in natural colours are perfect for adding a spa-style touch. Continue this theme with luxurious candles and toiletries. Or why not create a chic and sophisticated look with grey towels and accessories? If you’re stuck for bathroom ideas, then just take a look at Pinterest and you’ll soon be inspired.

Fit an eye-catching mirror
A drab mirror can really let your bathroom down in the style stakes, but the good news is that there’s an array of eye-catching designs available that will update the space in no time at all. Round mirrors are so on-trend right now, and they provide an alternative to the usual square or rectangular shapes that most people tend to go for. A round mirror with a decorative frame will give your bathroom a stunning focal point. You could even fit two different sized mirrors next to each other, but on an angle for something unexpected.
If you are on a limited budget and want something unusual or quirky, shop around for second-hand mirrors. You never know what you might find!

Change the taps
So you may need a little DIY experience for this one, but fitting new taps is a great way to smarten up the look of your bathroom. If you don’t have any basic plumbing skills, make sure to call in a professional to fit the taps for you.
Taps are available in a wide range of styles including modern and traditional to suit any bathroom. For a classic and timeless look, opt for cross-head taps, or for something more chic and contemporary, waterfall taps are just perfect. Consider the finish too, chrome is the most popular as it blends in easily with any décor, but if you want your taps to stand out from the crowd, go for a white or black finish.

Add a boutique hotel touch
Another quick and simple way to refresh your bathroom is to add a boutique hotel touch by displaying chic accessories, pretty toiletries, perfume and some flowers on a wooden or metallic tray. To ramp up the five-star appeal, place cotton wool balls and decorative soaps into attractive glass jars.

Introduce colour
Perk up a plain white bathroom in a flash by introducing an accent colour. Start with a set of eye-catching towels and extend this colour theme by painting part of the bathroom in a complementary colour. Don’t be scared of using colour in the bathroom, it’s a great way to brighten the space up, and if you have young children, they will love a bright and cheerful colour scheme.

A touch of greenery
A couple of plants dotted around the bathroom has got to be one of the easiest ways to freshen up the space. The bathroom is the perfect home for a variety of houseplants, but you will need to choose ones that thrive in a humid environment. Peace lily, ivy and fern will add a splash of greenery, while orchids create an upmarket look.

Hang some artwork
Bring life into your bathroom with some cool and quirky pieces of artwork. Also great for adding a personal touch, artwork can help your bathroom flow with the rest of your home. Hang one statement piece or create a display with smaller pictures.


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