Our Daily Routine – DITL of a Mum, Blogger, Dog Owner and Coffee Drinker

As a super nosey person, I LOVE ‘Day in the Life’ videos (or DITL for short!) – if you type that in on Youtube there are thousands, I could get lost watching them as no two days are the same for anyone! I was going to film one today but as I’ve been up since 4am with a teething baby, I decided to save you all from seeing my dark eye-circles and hearing my scratchy voice – so I’m doing what I know best and telling you about my day via written form instead. I hope this works as well as video!

As I’m on maternity leave, every week is different but generally they follow the same rough pattern. Our weekends are usually BUSY, we cram so much in every weekend, so when it comes to the week I try to get a balance of downtime and socialising, I also run my blog as a business so I have to factor in ‘working days’ too. I spend around 3 days a week at home on my own with Violet  and I really enjoy that, I’ve become quite a homegirl! This is when I get most of my work done too. I then usually factor in a couple of days where I’ll see friends, usually friends with babies around the same age so we’ll go on play dates, baby classes, brunch or seafront walks together.

So, my DITL post today is going to be one of my home/working days and how I get everything done in the day whilst caring for a little one of 5 months who is now wanting to be on the move!

6:15am – The Alarm Goes Off

The alarm goes off, Robbie launches himself off the side of our bed with so much force his little feet clatter about on our wood flooring (I call this skittle feet). He will then ‘dance’ by the side of the bed until one of us gets up to fill his bowl with food. I wish I could be that enthusiastic about getting out of bed, at least one of us is!

I will usually go upstairs and feed the dog and pop Violet’s first bottle of the day on as the commotion always wakes her without fail. I give Violet her bottle on the sofa with a coffee. Violet will then have a roll on her playmat whilst I catch up on emails, the news over a coffee and a bowl of cereal.

7:30am – First Nap 

Violet is in a routine so her first nap will be bang on 7:30am and she’ll make signals for a nap about 7:15am without fail. I put the Sleepyhead Deluxe next to me on the sofa and tuck her down. This is then when I get the bulk of my work done – I have lists of ‘things-to-do’ and blog posts I need to write on Evernote and I’ll work my way through everything as quickly as I can. I try and shut social media down during this time so I’m not distracted (although that doesn’t always work!). I never thought I was a morning person but having a baby changes everything – I find I’m the most creative at this time and get loads done!

9am – Breakfast Time

Violet has just started her weaning journey (exciting!) so I give her breakfast at 9am. She’ll have something like Baby Rice, some fruit puree or a piece of fruit. We have only been doing this a couple of weeks so we are experimenting with what she likes but so far the favourite by far is the Banana and Coconut Baby Rice from Piccolo and pieces of Watermelon.

After breakfast we try and do some playtime that has a sensory element – I put her on the play mat naked for a while after cleaning up her breakfast. Being naked is not only good for clearing nappy rash and getting some air ‘down there!’ but it also helps them understand and learn to control their bodies too. We don’t do this for too long though as I’ve learned the hard way about leaving a baby to play naked – I won’t go into too much detail (?). We then get dressed for the day and practice things like rolling over, sitting up, crawling and play with sensory toys like these coloured balls, trays of water or the sensory bottle I’ve made. She might also have a go on her jumperoo if she has energy and then I get a bit of washing up done.

10:30 – Nap time again! 

Violet winds down after her bottle about 10:30am. I put her down (usually after a bit of a fight with this one, but pacing with her in our Ergobaby carrier seems to work). Again, I either chip away at my blog to do list or do a bit of cleaning around the house. I also watch This Morning without fail and usually make another coffee (or two).

11:30am – Violet Wakes

Violet wakes up and we continue with our day. Usually I’ll pop her down on her play mat and if it’s a ‘blogging day’ I might take some photos with her next to me, playing with the props (or being the props 🙂 ) By this time it’s lovely and light so I take most of my photos and film vlogs in Violet’s nursery. She really loves it when we do this as she’s fascinated by the camera, especially when it clicks to take a picture – this is quite handy for a blogger baby! We then have lunch – Of course during lunch Loose Women is on the TV.

13:00 – Robbie’s Walkie

After lunch it’s time for Robbie to get out and get some fresh air so I get us all ready to leave the house and we all go for a walk. We walk along the beach or up over the fields to the back of our house. Violet loves looking about and watching Robbie play but will usually have a snooze too. If it’s really hot I sometimes treat myself to an ice cream.

14:00 – Playtime 

Back at the ranch Violet will do some playing on her mat, baby walker, jumperoo. I either play with her or if I have a lot to get done I’ll fold laundry, do washing up or something like that, usually with her in the room and we sing songs or I’ll talk her through what I’m doing (I’m sure thats exciting for her ‘Mummy is folding ANOTHER one of your babygrows!’) but it keeps her entertained so I can get our household chores done!

15:30  – Naptime

Naptime comes around again, probably accompanied by a battle! Cue more pacing up and down my living room, or doing some tidying up with Violet in the baby carrier as she drifts off to sleep. This last nap I’ll usually watch some catch up TV or finish a blog post.

16:30 – 17:00 – Evening routine starts 

After Violet’s early evening nap (which usually she’d sleep through into the evening if I didn’t wake her) it’s time for her dinner, bath and settling down for bed. I usually give her vegetable puree at 5pm followed by a bath. She’s now really enjoying her bathtimes so we bought her a little seat so she can sit up and splash about with her rubber duckies! We do a short baby massage with a lovely lotion with a lavender scent and put her into her sleepsuit. She then winds down in her cot with some toys or we do story time. During this time the dinner is on so I get her into her snuzpod crib before 7pm so we can eat our dinner (sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t!)

19:00 – Dinner Time & TV 

At 7pm we try to eat our dinner and wind down ourselves! We usually put the TV on but I think in the 5 months Violet has been in our lives we’ve never managed to finish a whole program together, but we keep trying! Usually I am so tired by 8:30pm I will get into bed to read (or scroll Instagram!)

22:00 – Dream Feed 

This is Violet’s most important meal of the day, at 10pm on the dot she has a dream feed every night, some nights she doesn’t even wake up for it! We give her a bottle quietly and tuck her back down for the night, I swear this is the secret to getting a baby to sleep through the night!


Thats our day! If you are a stay-at-home Mum, is your day similar, what do you get up to? I’d love to know! 

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  • I love these in writing form a little bit more, because you can really express what a day in your life is without wanting to make it aesthetically pleasing for the camara or such. When you write it´s all much more naturaland real I think. Awesome post!

  • Brilliant post!! Gives me something to aspire to as I am totally stumbling blind through this motherhood thing!! I am so impressed with how much you get done in a day, and also how much play you have together, so amazing for her development! You are an awesome Mamma! Hoping I will be half as good (and as productive!!) Xx

  • I miss all the smaller child naps, mine naps once.. sometimes twice if i am lucky hah, I recommend dream feeding to new mums, I wish I knew about it when i had my older two! i love your DITL x

  • I love these posts. Dream feeds are a life saver although my 18mo still wakes a lot. She slept amazingly until about 4 months and then it was every hour on the hour! Love the love=love top! xx

  • Minus the dog walking our days are so similar! Well… also minus the good nap routine haha! Tyler only napped for about 1.5 hours ALL DAY today! Loved this post!! It’s made me want to do one too! x

  • Love this! This is the first ever DITL I’ve read and really enjoyed it. And your little one is SO adorable xx

  • I really need to try a dream feed, I always said I would when I was pregnant and have wanted to recently as Rory wakes but I am actually too scared incase I wake him up as he has a bad habit of being full of beans when he wakes up and I cannot deal with that at 10pm!!