Extravagant Baby Products Wishlist

I’m not really one for buying over-the-top extravagant items, especially for Violet as she is growing amazingly quickly and already is growing out of all of her clothes and toys! Some of her newborn clothes were worn once before they were too small – I wish we hadn’t bought her so much at the beginning but as a first baby you just get carried away buying things, it’s only natural! However, just for fun I thought I’d scour the market for the most extravagant, luxurious baby items out there and for this evening only I’ll just pretend I’ve won the lottery and could actually afford to buy them all! (When realistically by tomorrow I’ll be back on our local Facebook Selling Page buying Violet a second hand toy – honestly there are TONS of bargains on there!)

So, lets whisk ourselves off to a dream world, where money is no object and see how the other half live…. Would you buy these products?


Silver Cross Balmoral Pram £1600 | Burberry Duffle Coat £325 |Sterling Silver Rattle £419.00 |Tartine et Chocolat Cashmere Babygrow £144.00 | Large Flynn Teddy Bear £139.00 | Bloom – Gold & Coconut White Highchair £649.99

These are some of the most extravagant baby items I could find, I’m sure there are items even more expensive out there, if you know where to look! They are pretty but honestly if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t buy these things as babies grow out of things so quickly and are dirty little blighters – I’m sure a gorgeous cashmere babygrow wouldn’t seem such a great idea once they’ve been sick on it a couple of times, it must be handwash only, can you imagine?! I do actually prefer the designs of some more high street brands like Boden, Next or The White Company too – brighter, more fun colourful designs are more our families style for sure. So, truly…. If I won the lottery, instead of a Sterling Silver Rattle, I think I’d take Violet on the trip of a lifetime around the world – learning about different countries, cultures, animals and people – that would be far more valuable and something she’d remember forever. What would you do?

All this talk of money has left me just hoping that I will win some money one day so it could actually happen – I’ll have to hope that Lottoland (a lottery betting company – who run draws across the world) will miraculously bring up my numbers, so we can all get spending! Here is hoping!


Post written in collaboration with Lottoland 

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