You Can Feel Comfortable And Fabulous In Equal Measure

You should never feel uncomfortable for the sake of looking beautiful. It’s nice to be wanted and desired, but doing so at the expense of your health is simply not necessary. The many fashion styles of the modern day can take a toll on your jobs, and various body parts such as your legs. Walking around in high heels, and jeans that fit too tightly around the thighs, may look nice in a mirror and to the opposite sex, but after long hours it can become quite uncomfortable. There are some things you can do, and items you could wear, to ease away those aches and pains, during the pursuit of looking fabulous. The key is to wear comfortable and supportive clothes or accessories underneath your outfit, so no one is any the wiser. On the surface, you’ll be looking snappy in the latest fashion, while still comfortable and not put yourself through the pain.

Image by – Brett Peacock

Back support

If you have a large bosom, finding the right kind of bras can be difficult. It’s not as easy as simply buying off the rack. Having an irregularly large cup size can have an adverse effect on your back, causing chronic pain. However, there are strong and supportive bras, specifically designed for women who need that extra support. Even if you’re not particularly large, these types of bras are great for feeling comfortable during the swelling phase breasts go through when making milk.

Thigh support

If you’re a large woman and you’re self-conscious about your legs, you can wear underwear that supports your inner thighs, especially up high at the waist area. If you click here, you’ll find items called Spanx, which give your lower waist ample support, tightly keeping in your thighs, hugging the hips and uplift the rear as well. Many women want to feel confident in their dress, and although you might feel fine sitting down when you want to dance with your partner, you might become self-conscious of how your legs fit in the dress outline. With clothing items like spanx, and perhaps other sports underwear, you can gain the confidence to take to the dance floor.

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A friend to ankles

Standing around, or dancing in your heels is going to take a toll on your feet, and especially your ankle joint if you’re wearing heels. You can, however, first shave down the hard skin on your heels with a thin razor blade, which can be done perfectly safely. You can also wear gel insoles, at the base of your heel, so your ankle does not have to put all your body weight on the ball and socket joint. You’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud if you get the perfect sized insole, and since they can be bought as invisible to the naked eye, i.e., see-through, no one will notice.

Going out for the night to a somewhat formal dinner party over somebody’s house is a time for you to dress like your part of the aristocracy. However, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re without support. From your evening dress to the soles of your feet, your body can be lifted and supported, so you feel confident throughout the night.


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