Our first holiday: Baby Skincare Essentials

I thought I was a pro at packing seeing as I was cabin crew so have packed a fair amount of suitcases, but however packing for a baby is like a completely different ball game! I think I spent more time packing for our holiday than we spent actually on holiday! 🙂 I’m so pleased we took our car as we were able to load up on all the essentials, goodness knows how we would have coped if we’d have been working to an airline luggage allowance!

Whilst packing, one of the biggest struggles I had was packing all the skincare essentials we would need to protect Violet’s delicate skin away from home. On holiday there is so much more to think about – it is a totally different environment where we do completely different activities from our day-to-day life, plus the temperature was obviously a LOT hotter than Violet’s ever experienced too! Knowing what to pack for all eventualities was really important to us as Violet has had such sensitive skin from birth.

So, after all that worrying our holiday was lovely – we played in the paddling pool together, relaxed and visited giant sunflower fields but I will say the packing was definitely trial and error – so to save you the hassle of worrying about it all –  here is our essential list that got us by:


Huge, floaty giant muslins are my favourite as they are SO handy for so many things, creating a shade from the sun, a lightweight blanket, wiping up dribble/sicky accidents and so much more. I always carry a Muslin (or two) wherever we go. Our favourite for taking on holiday are these tropical delights from Bullabaloo – they are 100% bamboo and so soft which is perfect for sensitive skin too.


If you are going somewhere sunny, a UV tent is essential, we used ours all the time. It was the perfect space for Violet to stretch out and play, whilst keeping cool and protected from the sun’s rays too. We love the NSA Travel Centre (picture of Violet in her tent here!) as it pops up in an instant so is quick and easy too.


I read so many conflicting pieces of information around suncream for babies under 6 months and in the end I just went with my own intuition and bought a baby sunscreen. My logic is that using sun cream (even if it does contain chemicals) is better than getting sunburned which can happen even if you do your best to shade little ones. We don’t use sunscreen every day so I’m sure the exposure to the chemicals is minimal using it only on holiday too.

Nappy Rash

Protecting little ones skin from nappy rash is key on holiday – with the warm weather to contend with and (hopefully) long nights of sleep, applying ample nappy rash protection is really important. We took Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment away with us as the tubes are lightweight and easy to use on the go as the flip lip means you can grab and apply with one hand (crucial for us with a roller-baby!) We applied this at every nappy change and with a little extra at bedtime as this is a major trigger time for nappy rash as the nappy is on the longest during the night. We also use sensitive wipes for nappy changes which are soft and gentle on Violet’s skin.

Baby Wash

Your babies skin goes through so much more on holiday than at home, with sweat, sunscreen, ice cream and paddling pool water just some of the elements involved Violet needed a bath every night on holiday when usually we’d bathe her maybe every other day at home. Having a gentle baby wash is a must-have with all that extra washing as you don’t want to dry out their skin either – we used Mustela Soothing Cleansing Gel which is so gentle it’s suitable to be used on newborns in NICU.


One of the reasons Violet is such a good sleeper is because after every bath we apply a calming, sleepy lotion with a baby massage so she is calm before bed.

So, that was our Baby Skincare essentials for packing on holiday – if you’ve taken your little on abroad this summer, what did you pack for them? 

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  • These photos are so gorgeous! We aren’t planning on going anyway anytime soon but these are all such useful tips! We used muslins over the summer here and they’re so handy aren’t they! We’ve been so lucky with Tyler’s skin, he hasn’t yet had any real nappy rash! But I must get a tube of bepanthen to have on hand!

  • Amen for the wipes – I absolutely love the Mamia ones, can’t go wrong if your babies skin agrees with them 🙂 We love Bepanthen here a well, it’s an absolute life saver if they get nappy rash!