Jo Malone English Oak Launch Event

Jo Malone English Oak Launch Event

Jo Malone is an iconic British brand – with dreamy fragrances, decadent skincare & luxurious candles we all know and love. So, when an email dropped into my inbox asking me to spend the afternoon talking about a new fragrance for Autumn – my reply was a resounding YES, although I knew this would be one I’d need to hide away my bank card for – hello temptation! Oh, hi there Maternity pay….

We decided to make a day of it and headed out early that morning for a family day out in Chichester, not just to visit the Jo Malone store but also for a little trip down memory lane. I went to college in Chichester about SIXTEEN years ago (oh god, now I feel old) and I haven’t really been back since, so viewing my old stomping ground as a fully fledged adult was a lovely walk down memory lane too. With my two little V’s we wondered around the cobbled streets and did some shopping – with a break for a well-deserved Wahaca too (that definitely wasn’t there when I was at college, sadly!) We then went to an old pub that I used to go to (unless I was asked for ID), but walked straight out- maybe the stench of toilets and cheap beer didn’t bother me as a 16 year old, but I think my tastes have certainly changed now, for the better!

After a lovely family morning, I left my V’s to have a wander together and headed to Jo Malone (which is based within the large House of Fraser store opposite the cathedral) where I met lots of lovely bloggers – some I knew from previous events, some long-lost Instagram buddies which I could finally put a face to the name and some brand new friends – it was a lovely group and great to have a couple of hours of baby-free pamper time too.

Jo Malone English Oak Launch Event

The event was to celebrate the launch of a brand new fragrance for Jo Malone – The English Oak collection, which includes English Oak & Redcurrant and English Oak & Hazelnut. The scents are designed to take you on a magical walk through the forest, with childhood memories of climbing trees, making dens and whimsical walks all wrapped an earthy wood-based scent, one with a fresh zing of redcurrant, the other a clean crisp scent of green hazelnut. Such a perfect scent for Autumn too, so the launch couldn’t be at a better time, plus English Oak has never been used before in a fragrance, so this is completely unique to Jo Malone at the moment.

We were greeted by the Jo Malone team; fronted by store manager, Peter and offered a glass of bubbles whilst the new fragrances were revealed. We were talked through how each scent is created, with testers of each element individually before trying them all together – it’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes of creating beautiful fragrances and Jo Malone clearly have some fragrance geniuses working behind closed doors as I’d never think to put some of the elements together to create such a magical fragrance!

Jo Malone English Oak Launch Event

We then discussed other core fragrances that would compliment the English Oak collection, for the purpose of scent layering and for our hand and arm treatment to follow. I chose Blackberry & Bay, which took me back to the days of going blackberry picking as a child, eating them all along the way and returning home with purple hands which wouldn’t wash off for days. Following the Autumn theme, this seemed to fit perfectly and the combination was heady and delicious.

I then had a gorgeous hand & arm massage with my chosen scent and let my mind drift and wander for the 20 minutes or so. It was so lovely to have a break and some me-time!

After that, it was back to reality with a bump as Violet was getting tired and needed to get home, so I missed the last bit of the event (and the GORGEOUS scones that everyone Instagrammed – I think intentionally to make me jealous! 🙂 ) but I couldn’t wait to give my little bubba a cuddle and get her home to bed on time! She popped in at the end of the event for a little whirl around the store too (never too early to learn) and loved the bright white lights and colours, although I had to take her away before she dragged one of the flower displays over and caused all sorts of chaos!

Thank you so much to the Jo Malone Team in Chichester for having us for such a lovely afternoon!  If you are looking for a new scent this Autumn, do try the English Oak range – I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

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