Mothering To Spare? People Person Jobs You Might Be Ace At

If you want to get back into work, then you might very well find that your experience as a mother has changed you. That’s only natural, it’s a massive life change. Many find that regardless of how caring they were before, that they’re a lot more of a people person. In today’s market, that’s becoming more and more important. However, there are a lot of jobs that could use a “people person”. Here, we’re going to try and find the one that fits you best.

If you’re social savvy

Do you spend quite a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social media channels? Do you know how to craft a mean post that gets people reading, commenting, and sharing? If so, then there’s a fast-growing market that could have a place for you in it. Working in social media is very much a reality thanks to the amount of brands that are aware of how powerful these channels are for marketing and building an online community. You need to develop skills like using data that the companies find on their customers in your posts and being able to react quickly to community members while sticking to the business’s community guidelines. If you can do that, however, you might be perfect for it.

If you’re silver tongued

Working through social media requires the skills of person-to-person insight that a lot of mothers and communicative people have in spades. However, you might not be quite as good at doing it online as you would be in real life. As shows, there are still plenty of silver-tongued people needed in the sales world, as well. There a lot of different businesses that still rely on salespeople to drum up business. If you’re looking for a sales position that offers a more flexible schedule, then working in real estate could be a direction worth looking in.

If you like big projects

Your knowledge and insight of people might go a lot further than being able to craft a tweet that catches attention, however. If you can see things in the big picture and you like working long-term on projects, then you might be more suited for a career as a community manager or a marketing director. This often involves getting to understand a client’s market, finding the message and methods of marketing that work best for them, and crafting the best possible delivery for it in the long-term. There’s no doubt that marketing can be some of the most lucrative as well as enjoyable work for the people person.

If you’re great in a crisis

Naturally, you might want to do something that’s a little more personally fulfilling and helpful than marketing, as great as it can be. If you want to make a difference and you’re particularly good at talking to people in a crisis and lending a caring, comforting presence, it might be worth looking the social working positions on sites like You can make a real difference by helping vulnerable children or working together with families that are in a state of crisis, assisting them to get the help they need. Sometimes, you will be doing work in the long-term and you will get to know the families you work with very closely. In other positions, you might be required to respond quickly to a critical situation, so being emotionally resilient is essential.

If you want to bring people together

There is a lot of overlap between the skills needed and the kind of work done by social workers and family therapists. A couple of the big differences, however, is that family therapists often work in the private sector instead of the public one and that they’re not always the first people that families go to in a crisis. However, if you’re great at listening, at getting an understanding of the situation, and providing guidance in the long-term, you might make a good family therapist. Of course, both these careers require some further education, so it’s a job you have to be able to dedicate a lot of time to.

If you’re always willing to help

Those with real people skills are just as necessary when it comes to providing physical help, not just emotional and mental support. If you have found that motherhood has not only brought out just how caring and warm you can be but has also given you nerves of steel and the ability to thrive in just about any kind of situation and pressure, then becoming a nurse might be the right move for you. Nurses are always high in demand and sites like can be great in giving you an exact outline of what you need to do to become one. If you’re able to handle emergency situations with the best of them, you might also find work as an EMT a good fit. Just don’t go into either career if you’re particularly squeamish.

If you love looking after kids

Some women who have had children or are still raising young ones find that there’s simply no role they’re better suited to. If you’re a natural mother, then it might make sense to make use of that innate talent. All sorts of women can be mothers, but it takes particularly gifted ones to be able to look after another woman’s children as well. You can get work in a nursery or daycare, but you might be able to start your own, too. That option can be particularly helpful for women who still have their own young children at home and don’t want to work far away from them.

If you are a fantastic communicator

Those same skills mentioned above might fit just as well as in the classroom. However, to be a teacher, you also have to have great communication skills as the job is primarily about helping children learn. Some mothers do find that they are naturally great teachers. However, it has been suggested by some that it’s not the most mother-friendly of jobs. Sure, your work schedule is going to match your home schedule just fine if you have children currently in school. But teachers do a lot more work at home, too. It’s best considered as a career option only if you have older children or if you and your partner/family members are able to split the duties of looking after the kids.

If you work well with others

Nowadays, communication is becoming a much more important tool of just about any workplace, too. Administrative skills obviously make up a great deal of administrative assistant work, but being able to gel with your co-workers is just as important. You have to have a good relationship with them to keep them in the loop and properly be able to do your work. You don’t necessarily have to share an office with them, however. Virtual assistants used by services like can allow you to work for businesses all over the country from the warmth and comfort of your own home. Working from home brings its own challenges but many busy mums find it works perfectly for them.

If you want to do real good

We’ve mentioned plenty of jobs in which you’re able to make a real change and do good in the world. However, a lot of them are more demanding than you might be able to cope with. If that’s the case but you still want to make a difference, then it might be worth looking into the significantly large market of charities and other non-profits. For one, they tend to actually be jobs that pay rather well. But they also have you working with other people who are seriously committed to their work and in for it for the cause as much as the pay check.

If you like a good party

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a job that’s more about ensuring that everyone has a good time, then you might want to look into a career in event planning, instead. Weddings, birthdays, corporate events. There are a lot of different parties that different people need organising. If you have an eye for how to throw a good party and you’re great at research, then finding the vendors, venues, and services that your clients need can earn you a lot of money. There’s no doubt it can be stressful dealing with the more demanding clients, but seeing them having fun and setting up a party can be particularly rewarding. Naturally, you have to be a people person because these careers don’t work if you can’t pay attention to and absorb what your clients want.

There are plenty of jobs that could use a caring, friendly friend that we haven’t talked about yet. Working in restaurants, working in call centres, getting into life coaching and so on. The truth is that if you’re really a people person, you should be confident that you’re going to be able to find the place for you in today’s market. It’s all about identifying your other skills and traits so you know which position best works for you.

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