Violet’s 6 Month Update

Today we are back with Violet’s SIX MONTH UPDATE! She is growing at the speed of light – sitting up unaided, eating solid foods and on the brink of crawling. Where did my little newborn go? Find out everything we’ve been getting up to and how she’s doing in our latest video – Enjoy!


Feeding: Formula Milk + Weaning. Enjoying only purees only at this stage, favourite meal of the day is breakfast, she has baby porridge with mashed banana and blueberries blended into it. She loves all things sweet – apples, pears, plums, peaches but struggles with vegetables like parsnip and peas. Her favourite naughty treat is ice cream, she’s had a couple of licks of my ice cream and smiled so much.

Weight: 15lbs 13oz at 28 weeks

Sleeping:  Sleeping through the night, but difficult to get to sleep – has got into a really bad habit of needing to be rocked for a LONG time before going to sleep. We are trying to break this habit and will be moving her into her own room this month.

Skills: Rolling both ways, Sitting up unaided, responding to things you say, playing games like peekaboo, trying to crawl, shuffling around the room

Favourite things:  The Gruffalo, The Hungry Caterpillar, Baby TV, Music Bugs, Banana Porridge

Hated things:  Going to SLEEP!

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