Weaning: First Tastes and Reactions (& win a Weaning hamper!)

I can’t believe it but Violet’s been weaning around a month now and I can safely say we are getting well and truly into the swing of things after I felt TOTALLY overwhelmed at the start. Weaning isn’t what I expected before I actually tried it, I thought I’d be doing the ‘Baby Led Weaning’ route and be handing Violet florrets of broccoli which she’d instantly know how to eat. Instead – when I gave her ‘finger foods’, she’d jam them in her mouth (not to eat, more as a teether) and eventually gag until we’d both had enough of watching the horror in each others faces and I’d take it away. So, I decided to try the puree route and THANK GOODNESS, that is so much easier and Violet lovveessss puree, with a capital L! Honestly, I don’t know where she gets it from (!!) but she loves eating so much, I think it’s her new favourite hobby, and getting her to try new things is mine too. Her reactions to new tastes are SO sweet.

Recently I’ve been working on a little project with HiPP Organic to document Violet’s first reactions to the flavour and texture of their Stage One First Tastes Weaning range. Plus, for a bit of fun, as I wouldn’t make Violet try anything I wouldn’t eat myself I’ll be trying the flavours myself too! So HiPP Organic sent us 6 new flavours to try – some flavours were completely new to Violet so it was fun to watch her reaction!


The Stage 1 ‘Pure Vegetable’ jars are made up of single flavours and a variety of tastes, including Pure White Carrot, Pure Parsnip and Pure Pea and the ‘Stage 1 Savoury‘ are perfect for introducing first blends of ingredients – all are made with organic ingredients and sealed in 100% recyclable jars with a wider opening for easier feeding.

Here is how we got on:



These are a really fab place to start with weaning, as they are pure, simple one flavour jars. The first thing I noticed about these are how smooth the mixture is, there is not a lump in sight they are blended to utter perfection texture-wise! Violet hated any kind of lumps at all to start so this was perfect!

Pure White Carrot – This is amazing, I wouldn’t say it was carrot at all, it tastes like a slightly less sugary smooth apple puree. Violet loved this one and nearly ate the whole jar in one sitting!

Pure Parsnip – We struggled to get Violet to eat parsnip but this is a lot smoother and sweeter than any other purees with parsnip, it almost had an apple-like taste and consistency with a parsnip twang.

Pure Peas – We didn’t have much success with this one. I liked it, it was like mushy peas from the chip shop! With a thicker texture, this took Violet by surprise and I think pea is a taste that takes some getting used to for little ones. She did eat a little bit but this one will take a bit longer for Violet to adjust to.


Vegetable and Fish Pie – This was Violet’s FIRST ever taste of fish and it’s safe to say she wasn’t sure at the beginning (as you’ll see on the video!) but she got used to the new flavour within a few spoonfuls. I tried this one and thought the fish element was quite strong! I’m not sure what fish they used but it had a strong fishy taste and smell which surprised me as I thought they’d use something a little milder for a first taste. Violet did eat a bit of this one though so it was worth trying her on something out of her (and my) comfort zone!

Mediterranean Vegetables and Aubergines – This one was delicious, I’d eat this for my dinner! Like a beautiful Italian lasagne in a jar, I loved it and Violet loved it even more.

Buttered Vegetables – A good way to introduce vegetables into a babies diet is mixed with milk, this is a great blend of soft and sweet vegetables with a smooth, milky texture – a hit with Violet!


So, as it would be impossible to document in writing, I filmed a little video of her reactions as they are just so funny and sweet – enjoy!

So far, we’ve been loving trying HiPP Organic and now Violet is coming up to 7 months we can’t wait to do this all again with new flavours of the stage 2 selection as well! If you fancy giving them a try, you can download this money off coupon unique to my readers or….


Lastly, if you’d like to win a selection of HiPP Organic Weaning Jars – Stage One Pure Vegetables & Savoury Jars like we have been enjoying, plus two weaning spoons – leave a comment on this post letting me know how you are getting on weaning your little one and their favourite flavours! 🙂


Watch out in the next few months for more posts on our weaning journey!  

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  • Trying to start my 6 month old on weaning but she’s not taken to it so far, unlike my first child who gobbled anything and everything as a baby, so its been good to hear which flavours you’ve tried so far. I think i might try some of the savoury meal ones soon as those went down really well with my old girl. I do like the Hipp range and its nice that they’re so easily found in every supermarket near us. I love Violet’s reactions in these pictures xxx

  • We’re starting weaning next month – and I can’t wait! So far Harry has loved the taste of Gripe Water, Infacol and Calpol, so I’m pretty sure he’ll love trying our new flavours 🙂

  • Esmay has surprised us all we had loads of problems with her milk and it was suggested we wean early
    Low and behold she’s like a new little baby-quite happy to try anything we give her -long may it last !!!!

  • My little boy is 6 months old and I’ve started him with some home made purrees. He loves apples and carrots. I’ve managed to get eating broccoli as long as it’s mixed with sweet potato. The faces he pulls are hilarious and when he tries to use the spoon he throws food everywhere!

  • My granddaughter loves Spaghetti Bolognese and Banana & Apple. But hates Egg Custard. She has been weaned since 4 months with the health visitors approval. No problems

  • We have started to wean Florence at four months after she was showing all the signs of being ready! So far, we’ve only tried porridge, but tonight we’re moving on to trying carrots. Cannot wait to see how she gets on with them.

  • I’m just getting ready to start weaning with my youngest who’s 5 months so looking forward to that! My eldest 2 were so so easy, they ate everything except my daughter hated broccoli and still does but they both loooooved spag bol!

  • Some very funny facial expressions when trying savoury flavours. She hates fish but is mostly enjoying fruity and neutral vegetable flavours.