What Do You Know?

Most of us use the internet several times a day to find out more information. We might read the news, check in with our favourite blog, or even use Wiki to get details on a specific topic. Chances are you also follow a special interest FaceBook group, Twitter feed, or forum. You’re acquiring knowledge all the time for your job and your personal interests. So what do you know?

Your knowledge is not just useful to you. Your knowledge could also be really helpful for someone else too. Over time, the amount of information you absorb will turn you into a bit of an expert on certain topics. If you feel confident enough and interested enough, perhaps you’ll pursue formal qualifications. There are plenty of options. Sharing what you know is just one of them.

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So where could you share all that interesting information you have in your head right now? There are plenty of options. Depending on what your topic of interest is, you might choose to blog about it. Creating a website as a platform for unloading all your knowledge could even become quite profitable for you. As more people get to know you as an authority voice or an influencer, your website traffic will increase. Then you have the potential to monetise it.

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Of course, from there, you might start to write eBooks. Perhaps you’ll be keen to meet some of the people that are interested in what you have to say? Public talks and seminars are perfect opportunities to make money from all that information you’ve got in your head. Take it further. You might use a service like 121with.com to chat with your followers in person. You might use this platform to teach regularly. Or maybe you’re happy to answer individual questions with informative and helpful answers?


A podcast is another way you can talk more openly and expressively about your areas of interest. You might create a series, covering the different steps it takes to build a social media campaign. If blogging is more your thing, then why not produce a step by step video on how to setup a WordPress site? Whatever you know, you can help others learn about it.

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Even if you don’t know everything, you’ll soon find all the resources you need when you start to think about what you want to tell others about. You probably already know plenty of places where you can learn more. You’ve been doing this for long enough! When you can’t find the answers, speak to others on forums or specialist websites. Leave comments, ask questions, and collaborate to find out more.

Lots of people are hungry for knowledge and information. And with so much fake news and poor quality information out there, detailed and accurate findings are more crucial than ever. That means there is a market for you and your knowledge. If you can qualify it with your own education or years of research, then people will flock to you to find out more. So what do you know?


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