WordPress Vs. Blogger: Which Is Best For SEO?

The key to a successful blog is traffic, and the way to increase traffic is good SEO. Search engines are the main way that potential users will find your site so your ranking is vital. That means SEO should be top of your list of priorities when you’re choosing a platform to host your new site on. Blogger and WordPress are two of the biggest platforms out there and if they aren’t already, they should be on your list, but which is better when it comes to SEO.


Google Owns Blogger

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One of the things that often influences people when deciding between the two platforms is the fact that Blogger comes under the umbrella of Google. People naturally assume that this is going to be a plus when it comes to Google search rankings. However, the reality is actually quite different. Blogger is considered a separate entity and when Google is writing the algorithms that decide the search rankings, they won’t favour Blogger over any other sites.


You might hear that Google technically owns your Blogger site and they reserve the right to change content or delete the site entirely at any time. This is one of the main reasons that people choose WordPress over Blogger but it simply isn’t true. If you’re basing your decision on this myth, then look into the benefits of each platform a little more.

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WordPress Has More Plugins

Using plugins is a great way to improve your SEO and WordPress CMS offers a lot more than Blogger. There are all sorts of dedicated plugins to help with SEO, as well as more specific ones. RB internal links is the best plugin for creating internal backlinks within your own blog. When it comes to optimizing the images on your site for SEO, there’s nothing better than NextGen Gallery. It makes naming and tagging your pictures in a way that improves SEO far easier. Beyond that, it’s simple to add social media widgets that help you to extend your general traffic and improve overall SEO.


For the first time ever, more sites are viewed on mobile devices than personal computers. If your site isn’t optimized for smartphones and tablets, your SEO will seriously suffer. This is the biggest difference between the two platforms and puts one way ahead of the other. Trying to port your site to another platform on Blogger is a difficult process and you could completely lose your SEO rankings along the way. WordPress, on the other hand, makes it incredibly simple.


The level of support that you can get also varies massively between the two platforms. Blogger has very little in the way of online resources to help you optimize your SEO. Whereas WordPress has countless user manuals you can read, as well as forums and chatrooms where you can get advice from more seasoned WordPress developers. Having access to all of that expert knowledge makes it far easier to overcome any SEO problems that you might come across.

When you look at all of the different aspects, WordPress comes out on top. While the concerns about Blogger’s ownership aren’t true, WordPress is still far superior in all of the areas that count. 

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