Christmas Gift Guide for the frazzled Mum

Yes, I’ve said it – the C-word! CHRISTMAS! This year I’m more excited than EVER for the big day as it’s our first ever one as a family, so I thought I’d get in there nice and early with some Christmas planning and gift suggestions – mainly as I’m just too excited this year as I want to make it a really good one!  So, kicking off my Christmas posts this year, has got to be the classic – a gift guide for the frazzled Mum in your life, as I know there are quite a few of you out there (including me!)  Sadly, you can’t buy magic sleep potion for babies, so here are a few suggestions of gifts that if the baby doesn’t sleep –  at least the frazzled Mum in your life might feel slightly less frazzled….. maybe even relaxed, for two seconds! I can’t promise though, but give them a go!


Style for wearing in the house and out! I spend a huge amount of time in my PJ’s at home, so I always want something that looks nice to feel special in, after all it’s what you are in a lot of the time! I loved this Floral Kimono, the colours are gorgeous and I bet it’s silky soft too. My second suggestion is this Smartphone Charging Reversible Tote, as every busy Mum on the go needs firstly, a giant bag and secondly – extra phone battery to keep connected to the world and most importantly to take today’s 100 photos of your baby on the run – Well, I do at least!



I think sentimental pieces of jewellery make the perfect presents – I especially loved this cute Mama Bear Necklace, how adorable! I wonder if you can keep adding little bears every time you have a baby, surely thats motivation enough to get pregnant again, right? On a more serious note, I also love this ‘Quiet Courage‘ design as I feel like this perfectly describes motherhood and sometimes we need a reminder of our own strength.


I’m sure most Mama’s will be enjoying a glass of wine over the Christmas season, so these Spiro Stemless Wine Glasses are perfect – pretty and less likely to spill without a stem, thats my logic anyway!




Of course, the classic present for a frazzled mum has got to be something to pamper her and make her feel really special – the Spa to go Set has everything you need in a gorgeous gift set and the Cold Weather Comfort Tea Set sounds like it has everything you need to get you through the winter in good health, from Cold comfort tea to Throat Soothe, I think I need this in the back of my cupboard as I’m sure I’m going to pick up all the colds going to baby groups this winter!


Hope you enjoyed the first of my Christmas Gift Guides this year and you find something for the frazzled Mum in your life!

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