How to cope when your baby has a cold

How to cope when your baby has a cold

It’s been a tough few weeks over here in the Fizzy Peaches household, sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here – we’ve all been feeling under the weather with all the nasty colds and bugs going around. Violet managed to go a whole 7 months without catching a cold but now they are all just coming one after another –  It’s that time of year though so it was bound to happen eventually!

I’ve realised quickly that when the baby has a cold, no one in the house gets to rest either. Having a baby so bunged up and chesty makes them so restless, especially at night. It’s a horrible situation as it feels like a vicious cycle, the baby is poorly, they keep the parents up, they then have no sleep and get poorly and run down too – it’s seriously NO FUN at all.

When Violet caught her first cold, I have to say, I had no idea what to do! Babies handle their colds very differently to adults and seeing them uncomfortable is just the worst! You feel so helpless. So this inspired me to write a few tips that I’ve learned so far, after our complete trial and error with Violet. I’m not a Dr, or an expert – but hopefully this will help you in some way….

How to cope when your baby has a cold

Stock the up the cupboards NOW

Every time Violet is poorly, we have to make a mad dash to our local pharmacy as usually we don’t have the right medicines in stock. Until recently, we had only bought one bottle of Calpol and that was still going strong, but now the cold bugs are out in full force we’ve been back and forth to the chemist more times than I can count – luckily it’s only round the corner from us. Stock the cupboards up early as they WILL catch a cold at some point this winter, so be prepared! Some of our favourite products are: Snufflebabe Vapour Rub, Calpol and the Calpol Plugin – which fills the room with lovely vapours to clear their chests and smells like a spa!

Help them clear their airways

You need to suck out the mucus in their nose when they have a cold – why does no one tell you this before you have a baby! I was pretty horrified – but luckily Snufflebabe have made a handy nasal aspirator, which makes things a lot easier and cleaner for you too. It’s still pretty grim, but they’ll thank you for it!

How to cope when your baby has a cold

Keep them Hydrated

Violet didn’t want to drink as much milk as usual when she was poorly, mainly as she’d take a couple of sips and come off the bottle to take a breath as her nose was blocked. Feeding times like this were pretty lengthy but it’s so important they keep hydrated, so stick at it, even if they are only taking a little it at a time!

Purchase a good thermometer

Violet is only 7 months old and we’ve bought 5 thermometers. Yep, I think we are a bit obsessed with getting the right temperature reading, but when a temperature can be an indication of something serious (although often it’s not!) it’s important to get it right. Violet will not let us stick a thermometer in her ear, so we prefer using a digital stick thermometer under her arm or a good old fashioned strip across the forehead. Invest now so you have one to hand when you need it.

Make them as comfortable as possible 

Whilst Violet was poorly, I mainly dressed her in warm comfortable clothes – like her sweet tracksuit bottoms and a soft jumper or a babygrow with her warm dressing gown as I wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible. If there was ever a time to just let them watch the TV – it is now! Distracting them and taking their mind of things really works. Violet loves BabyTV so cuddling up and watching endless episodes of her favourite shows using the app on my phone (we just got the unlimited membership!) was perfect.

How to cope when your baby has a cold

Clear your diary

No one wants to catch your lurgy and I’m sure you aren’t feeling like going out either, so clear your diary and stay at home to rest up!

Be kind to yourself 

Even if you aren’t poorly yourself, it’s likely you will be WAY more tired then usual if you have a poorly baby, so be kind to yourself when you can. If the baby is napping, treat yourself to a cup of tea and put your feet up – it’s likely to be a demanding time, so look after yourself as much as you can too!

How to cope when your baby has a cold

These were my top tips, so far! How do you cope when your little ones are poorly? 

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How to cope when your baby has a cold

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  • there is nothing worse than a baby with a cold! my little girl was sick a few weeks back and we go to sleep, and the house was a mess, but she had cuddles so thats the main thing.

  • First of all how cute does she look in that dressing gown! We have used their vapour run, it’s really good. Also recommend the calpol plug in x

    • Haha I know, it’s so sweet – lovely and soft too, I want one in my size! We use the Calpol plugin, it works wonders, plus I secretly love the scent! 😉

  • I swear by this vapour rub and the nasal aspirator. Even as they get older, it doesn’t get easier. Think I may be the only person that enjoys sucking the gunk out of their childs nose. It’s oddly satisfying knowing I’m clearing the passage hahaha – I’m so weird ;x

    Lucie xx //

  • Aaaw. What lovely pics of Violet.
    You have given some good advice there. Stocking up on medicines and gadgets before little ones get the snuffles is a really good idea.