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It’s inevitable that when you become a Mum, your style completely changes. Not only does your body shape completely change, but your day-to-day activities are totally different too – clothes are not so much about fashion any more but about comfort, ease and practicality. When Violet was born, I didn’t have a clue who ‘Lyndsay’ was anymore, I was ‘Violet’s Mum’ and although that was music to my ears in my blissful new baby bubble – I realised I’d completely forgotten to look after myself. Four months down the line and I was still in my frumpy old maternity clothes – so I dragged myself to the hairdresser and into town to buy some new clothes. As I started to look after myself again it gave me such a boost, I’d not realised how important it is to look after your own unique sense of style as a Mum, especially in the early days when you feel so at sea in the daunting new realm of Motherhood.

So, last week I was invited up to London to attend an event hosted by laundry brand Ecover, who had partnered with celebrity stylist Alex Longmore to discuss everything from laundry tips to finding your style as a Mum. As a relatively new Mum, this was perfect for me as I’m in need of a helping hand in both of those areas if I’m honest! I met up with fellow Brighton blogger Lauren and Sophia of Tattooed Tea Lady (who I’ve known online for years but never met!) and headed to central London to meet the team and for a couple of hours of baby-free time, plus a few sneaky cocktails too.

Ecover offer a range of cleaning and laundry products, which are not only environmentally friendly but as they are powered by plant-based ingredients this makes them ideal for using at home with a young family as they are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and can be used from babies very first wash.

At the event, we were able to experience the new range with Ecover fragrance expert Cassandra Browning – that lady is a genius when it comes to scents! It’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes of putting together a fragrance and she’d set up a little test for our noses to try and work out the elements that come together to create the new Ecover scents. I found it amazingly interesting, but I also realised I’m RUBBISH at identifying scents too. We had a good giggle as most of our guesses were way off the mark! Talking about scents, the new range features Lavender & Sandalwood, Honeysuckle & Jasmine and Apple Blossom & Freesia, which are all just dreamy and make doing the families laundry way more appealing – I just love that warm clean scent of fresh laundry on the heated drying rail. It’s such a homely smell that fills the whole house, so a scent you enjoy for your laundry is so important!

We were also able to have a 1-2-1 consultation with celebrity style expert, Alex Longmore – She has styled the likes of Dannii Minogue, Joanna Lumley, Little Mix and Zara Phillips (just to name a few!) so I knew I’d be in safe hands. She was also so lovely and put us all at ease which I was pleased about as talking about style and my new Mum-body is a bit of a sensitive subject.

I think the shock of needing a whole new wardrobe was a surprise to me as a new Mum – when I was pregnant, I kept all of my old clothes as I thought I’d be back into them within weeks. I was wrong – they never returned. My first challenge was to find clothes I was able to breastfeed in – thats a tricky one! I made quite a few mistakes in this area, only realising when I’d get to a cafe that I’d practically have to take my whole top off to feed my baby. Secondly, I was a much bigger size than before – I piled on 5 stone with the IVF treatment and pregnancy, so when I got my old wardrobe out, nothing fit, which at first made me feel pretty down but once you think what an amazing journey your body has been on to create a human, I can sort of forgive it for adding a few extra pounds along the way too.

My final challenge was that as a Mum, I was a new person. Times had changed and my style had too – I wanted to wear clothes that were comfier, more practical and easier to upkeep, so I decided that instead of trying to force myself back into my old style, I’d accept my new way of life and just start again. It’s taken me about 5-6 months to be comfortable with that decision, but I’m honestly feeling better than ever at the moment about finding the new me.

Talking to Alex couldn’t have come at a better time and although I could write a whole post on her amazing style advice. Here are a few key takeaway tips:

  • Detox your wardrobe before baby – Oops, I really should have done this, shouldn’t I? Just embrace motherhood style and start again!
  • Colour can give you a boost – Red & blue hues reflect the light to make you look radiant when you are actually sleep deprived. I find a sweep of bright lipstick always brightens even the most boring of outfits.
  • Embrace flats – trainers, flat boots, sandals are all perfect for pram-pushing and running about after kids but they don’t have to be boring, Alex showed us a selection of footwear with glitter, studs and more to jazz up those feet and make flats less frumpy!
  • Keep a capsule wardrobe – jeans and leggings that can be mixed and matched, colours that go together and most importantly, fabrics that can easily be washed and ironed. As you are likely to wash capsule clothes more often, Ecover is recommended as a gentle way to protect and preserve those must-have items!

I came away from the event feeling full of inspiration and tips on how to style up my look as a new Mum and with a new found love for laundry fragrance too. Since then I’ve been using our Ecover products at home and loving trying all the lovely new fresh scents, which fill our home with gorgeous floral, clean, warm fragrance for hours after each wash.

For more information on the new range by Ecover, visit their website , plus Alex Longmore will be sharing some more style and laundry advice over on their Facebook page soon too!


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