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Weaning: Trying new tastes & textures with Organix #NoJunkJourney

I can’t believe Violet is 8 months old now! It’s time for another update on her weaning journey as it seems in the last couple of weeks she’s made some amazing progress on her quest to solids! You may have seen my previous posts, at 5 months we started her gently on some purees and baby porridge, then at 6 months we tried her with some different tastes, this resulted in some hilarious faces and reactions! So, this time it’s all about TEXTURES!

Violet seemed to really struggle with textures for a long time – I honestly thought she wasn’t going to ‘get it’ for ages. I’d see other babies eating pasta, toast, rice cakes and then there was Violet, who would just spit out any lumps immediately. She even learned to swirl the ‘chunky’ babyfood around in her mouth, sucking out the flavour, eventually spitting all the lumps of veg, pasta or rice. After my plans to do only Baby Led Weaning –  anything that wasn’t a puree wouldn’t be going anywhere, she made that very clear!

As Violet turned 7 months, we tried to introduce as many textures as possible to help her to adjust in her own time. She didn’t eat much of it at first but started to get the knack after a while. This guide to different textures has been really handy to ensure she’s trying lots of different things:

I always thought I’d be the kind of Mum who would make all her baby food at home, but actually when you are experimenting with foods with your baby, it’s actually easier to keep things simple and provide either some fresh fruit/veg sticks or pre-made snacks. I think when we started our weaning journey I tried too hard as I thought I’d have to create everything from scratch. I’d spend all afternoon creating baby foods for Violet and most of the foods of it just ended up on the floor or being spat out. This can be soul-destroying when you get all excited making it for it to be a complete disaster!

So, on a mission to get Violet to enjoy different textures, I had a look at the wide range of snacks available, one of our favourite brands being Organix as they reassuringly have a ‘no junk’ promise – meaning the range is made from organic ingredients with no unnecessary nasties added. I think that we automatically have a negative connotation with the word ‘snacks’ as we automatically think it’s going to be junk, but when we are talking about baby snacks, they are actually 99% of the time very healthy and well-thought out products, although it’s always best to check the label.

Buying different melting corn puffs, rice cakes, baby biscuits and fruit pots has allowed us to try different tastes and textures to try and figure out what Violet likes really easily, plus they are super handy for popping in the bag for on the run too. 

So when it comes to her main meals, she is mainly eating puree as such, but we’ve moved onto the 7 month jars/pouches which have a lot more texture, which she’s coping really well with. We also cook meals for her, she loves – Omelette Strips, Orzo Pasta with Tomato and Cheese, Giant Cous Cous, Toast Soldiers, Broccoli Florets and her favourite, fruit ice lollies!

A typical days food for Violet: 

Breakfast:  Organix Banana & Plum Porridge with Mashed fresh Banana

Snack: 2 x baby biscuits 

Lunch: Cheesy Orzo Pasta (made with passata and grated cheddar on the top) followed by a fruit pot

Snack: Organix Carrot Sticks or similar

Dinner:  Vegetable Korma with rice – followed by a fruity ice lolly

I’m really pleased with our progress this month, I think as the next month or so passes I want to try and get Violet to try more of the foods we are eating to eventually steer away from purees all together. We shall see!



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Post written in collaboration with Organix - all words & opinions are my own.


  1. Angela Gardner
    27 October, 2017 / 8:31 am

    Your favourite when you were a baby was Fish pie – you always really enjoyed it!! Xxx

  2. 1 November, 2017 / 1:06 pm

    Ah she is so cute! I can’t believe ours is here and this will be us in six months xx

  3. 1 November, 2017 / 7:21 pm

    She’s so adorable! I like the look of those biscuits as a snack. Orzo for lunch sounds yummy.

  4. 2 November, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    HER food day sounds better than mine haha! Tyler is still struggling with more lumpy and textured food but he bloody loves biscuits! These banana ones are one of husbands favourites and I quite like them too haha!

  5. Sophia Ford
    2 November, 2017 / 11:04 pm

    Trying different textures with W was one of my favourite parts of weaning – it’s so lovely seeing them try new things, isn’t it? We love the Organix biscuits xo

  6. 3 November, 2017 / 11:03 am

    She is so so cute! These snacks look great and trying all the difference textures is a lot of fun!

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