Autumnal Soup with Cully & Sully

To me, there is nothing more autumnal than a big bowl of soup with a large crusty roll on the side. Being off on maternity leave during the autumn season, I had visions of me making home made soups by the gallon – my kitchen sides ladened with root vegetables, pumpkins and winter squash (all bought from our local organic shop of course!) however it turns out maternity leave isn’t quite like that! Once the 4th load of laundry is done for the day, I’ve got myself up and dressed, the baby dressed (numerous times) and the dog walked – I’m left feeling like I need a slightly easier option by lunchtime. I recently discovered a lovely brand of soup called Cully & Sully, who offer a comforting soup with that tasty homemade flavour but with the ease of a quick pop to the shop and a zap in the microwave. I also love that as a vegetarian, they have lots of flavours to chose from too so my choices aren’t too limited either.

We have got into a little routine of late, we go out for a morning walk to get some fresh air, sometimes we take the dog, sometimes we go to the park or kick the Autumn leaves, but our trips out always involve a trip to the village bakery for fresh bread on the way home, that smell just draws me in from a mile off. They produce loads of different types of bread, all baked on site so I’ve been trying them all (why not!) I just love experimenting with different flavours, working out which soup works with different breads, to complement and bring out each individual flavour.

Usually, I just go by which local bread is available on the day as I visit a small village bakery, but here are some suggestions of Cully & Sully soup flavours and bread pairings that I’ve tried that work really well….. 

  • Vegetable Soup – serve with a thick slice of Brown Crusty Loaf slathered in butter for a classic, homely and comforting dish.
  • Pea and Mint – serve with Sourdough. The slight sourness creates a great contrast to the sweetness of the peas, it’s the best combination!
  • Potato and Leek – best served with stilton croutons, adds a rich burst of flavour with a crunch
  • White Winter Vegetable –  serve with warm garlic bread for the ultimate comfort food.
  • Tomato and Basil  – The lightest of the soups, deserves a lighter bread – serve with focaccia for the perfect pairing.

Just writing this has made me hungry for my lunch already, so I think I know what I’ll be having! My absolute favourite is the Pea and Mint with Sourdough, so I hope the bakery has some in stock!

Cully & Sully soups are available in Tesco stores across the UK – give them a go 🙂

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