A Breath of Fresh Air with #MilletsDogs

Sometimes, life can just get too much. In this last couple of weeks I’ve been frazzled to my core. Starting with the bad news of a close family member passing on my birthday to the boiler breaking, a burst pipe and house full of illness, it’s been a tough one to say the least. Things have often felt totally overwhelming.

Sometimes when life gets a bit tough you just have to take a step back and get some space.  One of my favourite ways to do that is to go for a dog walk, come rain or shine. I’m so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area where the downs and the coast are right on our doorstep, just that initial rush of sea air into my lungs takes the edge of the worst problems. In the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting out as much as I can with my first baby, Robbie. Firstly, to reconnect with him as he’s often feeling left out as before Violet he got ALL the attention and secondly, to get a bit of well-needed headspace.

We’ve been making sure to get out and about together every few days. It’s amazing what a gentle walk can do for the spirit, plus watching Robbie bounding through the long grass and being the most fiercely loyal companion certainly helps too.

I wasn’t always an all-weathers kind of girl, but having a dog forces you out into the elements, which can be especially brutal where we live on the seafront. Robbie is so excited to go out – whatever the weather, so saying ‘Oh it’s a bit drizzly today‘ just doesn’t wash with him. I’ve found as long as I keep warm and snug, walks in all weathers can be enjoyable – even brisk and refreshing, and thats saying something, coming from me! So, I have just kitted us out with some winter walking essentials, to ensure our walks are year round – whatever the weather throws at us.

My first winter essential for dog walks is a snuggly but practical winter coat. The thought of wearing some kind of anorak just filled me with dread so I’m pleased to have found this gorgeous winter jacket – it’s honestly one my favourite coats I’ve ever owned as it is SO COMFORTABLE and warm, plus the fact that it keeps me bone dry is essential too and really handy as umbrellas just don’t stand a chance in the blowy seaside town I live in!

A cute bobble on the top and a scarf are musts for me – keeping the chilly wind away from my head, ears and neck is essential as right up on the hill the wind whips up off the sea – it can be so blowy! I love this knitted bobble hat. It’s got a fleecy lining and is so warm, I could wear it all day (at least I’d never have to worry about hat hair!)

I like getting back to nature and away from it all, but not too much – I find as I don’t get much time away from being a full-time Mummy to Violet this can be my limited time to catch up on social media, so I do sometimes take a few minutes break and perch on one of the scenic benches to catch up – Robbie often finds other dogs on his walks so this gives him a time to run about and play too.

When I recently discovered TOUCHSCREEN weatherproof gloves it was a game changer – no more pulling off my gloves and getting chilly hands just to see my phone. I also love a sturdy glove with grips like this as Robbie can tug quite hard on his lead so near busy roads it helps having that extra bit of grip.

Last in my winter essentials has got to be a good pair of walking boots. Forget ruining my glittery Kurt Gieger trainers in the mud, if I know I’m going up onto the downs I need a shoe that is good for all terrain and I don’t mind getting dirty! I love the touch of pink on these boots, they feel more feminine than a lot I’ve seen and tried, plus they are mega comfy too.

Dogs are just the most wonderful creatures, I’m so lucky to have a crazy black mutt to drag me out into the fresh air when all I want to do is mope about the house feeling blue. I always return feeling so much better. Even if it’s cold and wet, I know I can keep warm and always treat myself to a hot cup of hot chocolate when I get home too! 🙂 When things are rough, self care is so important – never forget that.


Thanks to Millets for having us on your #MilletsDogs campaign and encouraging us to get out and about this winter!  You can see the other bloggers doggy posts here.

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  • Awww, I love that picture of him running to you. It’s how my dog runs to me too, I always find them a bit emotional. My dog is like yours, likes going on walks twice a day regardless of the weather.
    Having a good coat and nice boots is vital, I agree with you.

  • That dog is so cute! You couldn’t be more right. Life can get overwhelming at times and by gosh is it a good idea to get fresh air. Getting out to the beach is what I like to do, just haven’t got round to getting a little best friend to take with me yet! Great post, thanks 🙂

    Stuart // lifetimebackpacker.com