WIN: Jazz up the Mum uniform with Mama Jewels!

I feel like as a Mum, I’m still finding my identity. I’m still figuring out which outfits work for me, now I have a slightly more curvy figure – plus, most of my clothes need to be durable to be tugged about or puked on, not to mention all the scrabbling round on the floor at baby groups or soft play. I soon learned that if I wore my old jewellery that I had before Violet, she would pull it, break it and try and put totally unsafe bits in her mouth, so I ended up not wearing any at all and feeling totally plain.

A few months into motherhood, I discovered that you can actually get jewellery that is specifically made for Mums, it’s baby safe and is the perfect teether too! So I excitedly stocked up on a few bits from an online store called Mama Jewels, with my favourite necklace being this Fox Pendant that I actually wear most days! I’ve had so many compliments on it, people who aren’t even parents have said they are going to order one as it’s so cute, you’d never think it was designed as a teether, would you?

Plus, you don’t just get the peace of mind that it’s totally safe for your baby but it’s a fab distraction tool if you have a squirmy baby on your lap whilst you are trying to enjoy a coffee and catch up with friends. Violet will sit with me for longer as she’s got something to play with and chew – so it’s a win, win really!

So, as I love my baby safe pieces – I thought I’d share a little giveaway to win a gorgeous little bundle of goodies from Mama Jewels, just in time for Christmas!  So, if you are a Mum that deserves a treat this Christmas, or if know a special Mama in your life – enter for your chance to win!

The prize is:

A Rudolph Hamper of treats, a fox pendant AND a necklace of your choice from the Mama Jewels website – the complete bundle is worth around £100! Which one will you go for? 


Enter below to win:


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I look forward to seeing your choices from the lovely range!


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