5 surprising things about my post-baby hair

Before Violet, I loved looking after my hair, I used to spend ages each day blow drying it, straightening it and keeping it in top condition. I also loved getting it coloured and would spend a fortune on full-head highlights too. How did I have the time or money for all of that? Seems like a distant memory now. If I manage to wash it and rough dry it, that’s a good day. Bad days are usually when I try and hide the fact I’ve just wiped baby sick out of it with a baby wipe and shoved it in a Mum-bun. Yep, it’s true, but most Mum’s are in the same boat, so we don’t judge. If you’ve made it out the door you are onto a winner, whatever you look like.

So, I thought I’d write a post today about a few things that have surprised me about my hair, since having a baby. No one really talked about anything like this before I had Violet so here are a few of my experiences….

Your priorities change

First and foremost, my priorities have totally changed. I did think I’d continue to blow-dry and straighten my hair religiously, but honestly – to have ten extra minutes to play with Violet, write a blog post or just sit and have a cup of tea is worth SO MUCH MORE. It’s really put into perspective how I want to use each precious minute in the day, as there really aren’t enough of them, so wavy hair will have to do. I live right on the seafront too, so the minute I go out the door it’s blown to oblivion anyway, I’ll just blame the sea air.

It will fall out

WHY didn’t anyone tell me this, or tell me about the little wispy bits of regrowth you’ll get around your face when your baby is about 6-8 months old!? I was loving my thick, shiny pregnancy hair but I think it’s just a facade to help you through pregnancy when you feel like a whale (a whale with nice hair though) because once that baby pops out, your hair decides to fall out too. Great.

There are easy ways to cover regrowth

The regrowth stage is only temporary and usually you can hide it underneath your existing hair, so don’t worry! I found products that really helped was the Paul Mitchell Anti-Thinning range which really helps your hair to look fuller. Wearing your hair down or with a thick fringe also hides a multitude of sins.

Dry Shampoo is your best friend

I can’t count the amount of dry shampoo I’ve worked my way through since Violet was born. I find the best kind is that with a bit of extra volume to give your hair a boost even on the flattest of days. I have been known to run a little of Violet’s talcum powder through my hair too when the dry shampoo has run out, although try this tip only if you have blonde hair, it makes anything darker look grey!

I’m happy embracing my natural colour

The one thing that has surprised me the most is how comfortable I’ve become with embracing my natural colour. I just don’t have time to sit in the salon for 4 hours getting my highlights done, or the money! So, I’m seeing what my natural colour looks like after colouring it since I was 16 years old. I have horrific roots at the moment but it’ll grow out and I’ve been told that roots are ‘fashionable’ these days, so if anyone asks…. I’ll just have to say my weird half grown out colour is intentional………?

Has your hair and hair styling changed since having a baby? 

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