Violet’s First Christmas Eve Box

It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas in this house, the tree is up and I’ve gone full swing into preparations for Violets first Christmas. I know I’m probably going completely overboard, seeing as she won’t really understand whats going on besides the twinkly lights, tasty food and scrunchy wrapping paper – but if you can’t go a bit over the top for your babies first Christmas, when can you? It’s got to be done.

So, this post is all about Violet’s very first Christmas Eve box – and to do something a bit different, I’ve made it into a little video!  A Christmas eve box is a totally new concept to me, it’s not something that was around when I was little and if I wasn’t a blogger (and read other blogs!) I probably would never have heard of it. But, I loved the sound of starting the anticipation of Christmas early so decided to give it a go. Here is what is inside…..

For full listings of the contents – see the Youtube description!

Have you made a Christmas Eve Box this year? I’d love to see whats inside! 


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