Life is Peachy – Beachy Walks & House Drama

Welcome to a little round-up of everything we’ve been up to recently! It dawned on me over my blogging break at Christmas that the reason I started my blog was to keep a diary of our lives. I wanted it to be a space to capture my thoughts, memories and something to look back on over time. However, I seem to have drifted from this, writing about everything from parenting, food and travel – but forgetting the nitty gritty of our lives, which will be the bits I’d want to look back on the most! So, this post is introducing a new ‘Life is Peachy’ series, which you’ll be seeing lots more of on the blog as I’m aiming to write them fortnightly, so I hope you’ll enjoy!


January started off slowly, we ate our way through the leftover Christmas food and hibernated from the bad weather. One thing I love about where we live is that we are so close to the sea, so even on the chilly days we wrapped up warm for a blustery walk along the seafront, which really helped to clear those cobwebs! Our friend joined us for a walk with his ‘adopted’ dog and Robbie’s new best friend, Toby. A gorgeous chocolate lab who is bouncy and full of energy as he’s much younger than Robbie who couldn’t keep up with him at all. Bless him. They had such a lovely time playing together so hopefully they’ll be having lots more walkies together soon!


I think just about everyone I know is ill at the moment. There is so much going around. We were bound to catch something sooner rather than later. Violet lovingly brought back a sickness bug from a baby group. She was ill on the Wednesday and by the Thursday I was poorly – just as I thought V was home from work ready to ‘look after me’ – she was poorly too! Plus, she was worst affected that evening and all of Friday. It was a horrible, horrible week I don’t wish to relive any time soon! I really learned that when you are sick and you have a baby, you just have to get on with things, you can’t feel sorry for yourself for a moment. It was tough.


Buying a house is such a rollercoaster isn’t it? I won’t bore you with all the details (as honestly, I could talk the hind legs off a donkey about this, but I won’t). We have really been through the mill this month as we put an offer in on a house quite close to where are living now which was a ‘project’ to say the least. Desperate for more space, we went for it knowing a lot of work would be required but with so much potential, we stuck with it. Anyway, cut a long story short – the survey came back and it was a disaster, the place needs just knocking down. When you see words like ‘wood boring beetle infestation’, ‘asbestos’, ‘damp’ and ‘a hole in the roof’ you know it’s time to pull out of the sale. We got a quote from a builder to fix all the issues which came out at £100,000! Obviously we just aren’t in a position to do all of that so we pulled out. I was so sad, I felt emotionally invested in the house, I let my mind run away with me, thinking of where I’d put furniture, which room would be ours, which would be Violets etc. Plus, we lost a fair amount of money in the process too, but it was not meant to be.

Roll on two weeks later when a Rightmove alert pops up for a BEAUTIFUL house in our village, it has everything we wanted and ticks every box. When we went for the viewing I think I fell a bit in love, I think it’s the one. I thanked my lucky stars we didn’t buy the building site house! Everything happens for a reason. Anyway, it’s early days in our journey to get our ‘dream’ house – but hopefully we will be able to secure it. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


We’ve been busy out and about this month with our brand new travel system, which is the Ickle Bubba Stomp v4 which is my first review for the Netmums Star Reviewers Panel. It feels so stylish and chic, I’ve loved putting it through it’s paces and we’ve decided to swap full time to this one as Violet loves it so much too. I filmed a full video review of it so watch out for that in the next couple of weeks on the Netmums Youtube channel!  I really enjoyed filming again and wondered if I should do more Youtube videos. Possibly.

So, thats all our news for now. Hopefully we’ll have some more house news for the next instalment, we shall see! 




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