Weaning: Uh Oh – have we got a fussy eater?!

It’s time for a WELL overdue weaning update! Violet is now 10 months and well on the road to eating solids, but I have to say it’s been a much trickier journey than I ever imagined. As Violet reaches 10 months, she is becoming a really fussy, picky eater which I really didn’t expect as I love my food, especially vegetables, spicy foods and curries. So, I thought Violet might take after me (not that I feed her curry!) and like broad range of flavours, but it’s been slow progress to introduce different tastes recently. She’s grown a little personality and will close her mouth tight shut and shake her head if she doesn’t like something – it’s so funny to watch, but can be mega frustrating too. I do think teething and the endless stream of colds, bugs and now a chest infection (!) she’s had over the winter has a big role to play in this too, it’s that time of year – there is always something!

So with Violet being fussier than ever, I decided to try and make all her food from scratch. However, I’ve since learned that it appears with babies, the more effort you go to making their food, the less likely they are going to like it! I think I’ve scraped more than one of my ‘creations’ off the floor and when you’ve gone to the effort of cooking, cleaning and feeding your baby to then cleaning it off the floor, it can be somewhat soul destroying! Honestly, at one point last month – I was ready to tear my hair out with it all!

Just as things were reaching a peak and I thought maybe Violet was never going to enjoy eating anything but fruit and grated cheese – one of Violet’s favourite baby food brands, HiPP Organic sent us this lovely hamper of goodies to try and help me with introducing new tastes to Violet. Perfect timing!

The little hamper has been perfect for us as the savoury range has lots of different tastes and textures to try, along with these handy whiteboards for marking favourite flavours and newly tried ingredients to keep track on our progress.

HiPP Organic jars are just fabulous because….

  • All recipes are made with the finest organic ingredients which are gently steamed to lock in all the nutrients and flavour
  • Deliciously homely and hearty flavours – tastes like vegetable lasagne and cheesy pasta bake are firm favourites in our house
  • So easy to experiment with flavours – try different tastes and textures with your little one without having to make a huge mess cooking and cleaning!
  • HiPP Organic jars have no hidden fruit content – this is an important one for us as Violet has such a sweet tooth and loves her fruit, it’s hard to introduce savoury flavours when you find out the food is padded out with fruit content as many baby foods are!
  • Lots of different textures – the savoury jar range is suitable for weaning stages 2 & 3 so practicing with different textures has been really helpful
  • The jars have a wider opening, meaning much easier feeding (and less cleaning the floors!)
  • Jars are also 100% recyclable so no waste! They are also really handy to reuse for different things like spoon holders in your cupboards, little planters for seeds, I’ve even seen them being used as little gifts at a party – filled with sweets!

These jars have really helped us ride through the fussy times, the days of teething, feeling poorly and just generally difficult days. Along the way, I’ve been introducing lots of finger foods too, to practice hand-eye coordination, chewing and even more tastes and textures, but having a collection of HiPP jars in the cupboard means I know there is food Violet is guaranteed to like and actually eat!

If you fancy giving HiPP Organic a go, you can download a handy money off coupon here! ?

Thanks to HiPP Organic for helping us when times were rough!


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  • We used Hill Organic with James and they were brilliant! Freddie has had them occasionally but he tends to just eat what we have! He absolutely loves Chicken curry with rice!

  • We love them! Well I say we, Oscar does! His fave is the cheesy pasta bake. He, like his brother was, has been really slow when it comes to eating proper food – gagging badly on anything. Now he’s 15 months he is doing much much better but I find he doesn’t eat huge amounts if he has to put effort into so having these in between means I know he’s got a full tummy!

  • With my first child I liked to make pretty much all of the baby food myself, with the second I got a lot more realistic and think that jars are so helpful when you’re out and about and also to introduce them to new flavours and see what they like.

  • Edie is very slow to take to food. At 8 months she still lives to breastfeed on demand meaning she does not have much appetite for anything else. We have tried HIPP Organic with some success. She loves anything with parsnip and anything fruity. She has a very sweet tooth. Edie also likes toast and pepper and cucumber and mango. She likes sticks of things she can hold and chew. It is funny how different all babies are x Bea seemed to live straight to big meals once she was weaned but Edie is taking it slow x

  • I’m so glad those weaning days are over. We still have a very fussy little lady here! I made everything from scratch for my son but she was a whole new ball game. I’m glad you have been able to find something that you both enjoy x