5 Essential Tips for Young Parents

People have found themselves becoming parents at a young age since the dawn of time, whether they planned to have children or it simply happened. Between trying to keep finances stable, learning the ropes of parenting, and still growing themselves, young parents have it tough in today’s world.

There are no definitive guides on the subject, and everyone seems to have a different answer to the struggles these individuals face. Often times, it might seem as though you are losing your mind trying to keep everything together. Before you start pulling your hair out, take a look at these essential tips to maintaining your sanity and a happy family.

Make a Quiet Time

While your schedule might be jam packed, it’s important to take 15 minutes for yourself each and every day. Instead of spending this time scrolling through Facebook or watching Youtube videos, make it a time of quiet reflection.

Work on clearing your mind of the worries and stresses of the day. Whether you choose to sit in silence, meditate, or pray, take these 15 minutes to make them about you. It will work wonders on your stress management.

Don’t Forget to Sleep

After all of the hustle and bustle in your daily routine, you might think it would be easy to get a good night’s sleep. The reality is that many parents find themselves running thin on less than six hours a night. A lack of sleep can lead to irritability, irrational thinking, and depression (among other things).

After you put the little ones to bed, give yourself an hour then hop into bed as well. Getting as close to 8 full hours as possible will help you and your partner fight less, help you tackle daily obstacles, and keep your mind sharp so you can stay on top of everything from doctor’s appointments to packing school lunches.

Stay Positive

When life parenting life becomes overwhelming (and it will) focus on what you are grateful for. It’s easy to slip into a foul mood when you think off all the frustrations and burdens that come with being a young parent. Instead, think about everything you enjoy in your life.

Maybe you’re searching for a place in Berkeley or wherever your home town might be, and the prospect of a new home makes you happy. You might enjoy the company of the family pet, love the coffee you had this morning, or even have the night off thank to your parents babysitting.

Whatever it is that you’re thankful for, focus on it when life gets tough. This positive outlook is not only a de-stressor, but a confidence builder as well.

Make Time for Fun

Whether you live in the Downtown LA Apartments | Atelier- Luxury Living in DTLA, or are scraping by in a single bedroom apartment, having fun doesn’t have to cost a dime. Television is great, but sharing more interactive experiences holds a greater benefit.

Turn on the radio and have a dance party, put a puzzle together, head to the nearest park and fly a kite. Do anything and everything that makes your family life and smile together. It will keep you happy while building an unbreakable bond between you and your little ones.

Find a Mentor

Going through this experience on your own is challenging, which is why finding an experienced mentor is highly advised. That doesn’t mean pay for a therapist, it simply means talking with someone else in a similar situation.

Maybe you have friends that are also young parents or know someone older who was in your shoes in the past. Talk with them about what problems you face, and don’t be afraid to take advice. A little help goes a long way when raising a family, and these types of friendships will keep your sanity intact.


Author: Lyndsay Fizzypeaches

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