Life is Peachy: Baby Scans and Birthday Parties

Hello! We are currently on the M4 on the way home from Gloucestershire so I thought I’d drop in with a quick life update with everything we have been up recently! Apart from being ill, with two bouts of a sickbug and a cold, life has also been pretty hectic. We don’t do things by halves in this household for sure! Here is our last two weeks…..

12 week scan

Firstly, I’m sure you sure our BIG news, we are expecting another baby! I am currently 13 weeks and so pleased to finally share the news (also – if I didn’t, my fast growing bump was going to give it away instead!) So, we had our 12 week scan this week, which went perfectly. I was so nervous this time, maybe even more so than with Violet as I feel like I’ve not had many pregnancy symptoms apart from being exhausted. which is hard to pin down to being due to the pregnancy with a (nearly) 1 year old toddling around. This time is so different too, I’ve not had time to rest, I’ve not been able to avoid lifting heavy things, I’ve been scrambling around the floor at baby groups – so it was lovely to check in with the little one for a scan to check all was as it should be. It was what I needed to put my mind at ease that everything was OK and start bonding with Baby #2! The sonographer was also fabulous – talking through all the different parts of the body and getting us some really great photos to treasure too. So we are feeling super positive about everything now and it’s finally beginning to sink in that this is really happening. TWO UNDER TWO ALERT. We are in for a fun ride, but I can’t wait.

Tyler’s 1st birthday party

The reason we have been away to Gloucestershire was to see my lovely friend Maisie as it was her little boy Tyler’s 1st birthday party. Maisie and I met whilst we were both pregnant through our blogs, so it was lovely to see her ‘in real life’ again and join her for such a special day too. Only thing was we had a complete disaster driving up as we got stuck in the worst traffic and basically missed the whole party! The journey from Brighton to Tewkesbury took about 5 hours in total when it should have been less than 3. We still got to spend what was left of the afternoon and evening with Maisie and family and have a good catch up, the babies played together and they had even saved us a slice of birthday cake so all was not lost. We stayed in a hotel round the corner and then caught up with them in the morning for coffee and before heading back home too. It was a bit of a flying visit but I’m glad we made the journey as Maisie is a wonderful friend I’d see more of if I could.

Quest for the dream house

Our journey to our ‘dream house’ is still progressing well. If you read my last post you’ll know our house buying journey has been a bumpy one but we have finally found ‘the one’ when it comes to houses. I’m pleased to say everything has been going through nicely so far but also terrified to jinx anything as we just love it so much. I don’t think my I could cross my fingers and toes any harder in the hope it all goes through ok. We went to see it this weekend and I loved it even more than our first viewing, we planned out where our furniture is going to go, which would be our room and Violet’s room… We also got a better look at the garden as it was raining on our first viewing, we discovered a greenhouse we didn’t even notice the first time, along with a fig, apple and pear tree. I could picture Violet playing in the paddling pool in the summer, whilst I chill out (with my giant bump!) in the conservatory. It’s going to be so lovely. We don’t have a date for the contracts to exchange yet but it’s looking good so just keep your fingers crossed a little while longer for us. I’m also feeling quite smug that I can’t really help too much with the move whilst being pregnant, so we will have to get removal people to do it all. Not complaining about that!

So that’s our latest life update, my maternity leave is in its very final weeks with Violet starting nursery on the 12th Feb, so I want to make the most of these last few weeks of freedom!

Happy Sunday everyone, have a fab week ahead 🙂

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