Pregnancy #2: Our gender reveal

When it comes to finding out the babies gender, I am the MOST impatient person in the world. People say to me ‘don’t you fancy having a surprise?’ but the organiser and meticulous planner in me just wouldn’t be able to cope with that. I like to prepare, I like to know. How would we choose a name in time, buy the right clothes or choose the right wool for their crochet blanket? I know there are neutral colours and who says that girls have to wear pink or boys wear blue?!  For me, knowing the gender isn’t just about clothes and colours – it’s about bonding with our baby too. Who is inside? What might they look like? This all helps with getting to know our little bundle, before their arrival into the world!

With Violet I had a scan bang on 16 weeks, which is the very earliest you can tell the gender, so it only seemed right to follow suit and do the same with Baby Peaches #2 as well! I booked into the same place as last time, which was Window to the Womb. They are fabulous and it’s so much nicer than having an NHS scan as the lights are low, relaxing music plays and they give you a lot more time to see and bond with your baby. The scan itself was fine, the baby has a lovely strong heartbeat, was wiggling away and we got a good clear view of the gender. So, without further ado………

Yes, I admit it  – We were a little shocked too! We have another little girl on the way!  Now we’ve had a bit of time to get our heads around it I’m really excited. Violet and her little sister are going to be the CUTEST little sisters together. I’m sure they’ll be so close as their age gap is so small too, although Robbie is now truly outnumbered! It just shows all the myths about pregnancy symptoms and gender really are myths – this time we were convinced I was having a boy. Even to the point I asked the sonographer to double check the gender (even though she was the lady who correctly scanned Violet’s gender last time!). I have looked at every old wives tale there is and everything points to having a boy – I’ve had little/no sickness, dry skin, cravings for salty/savoury foods and am carrying all at the front. Yet, she’s definitely a little girl!  Who knew.

So, now the planning can really start – I’ve already been out and bought her a first babygrow. I’m sure she’s going to have loads of lovely hand-me-downs from Violet but I wanted her to have her own special pieces too. We also bought her the elephant teddy in the photo, which has a recording of her heartbeat inside from the scan – such a lovely keepsake, Violet has one too. in the shape of a unicorn. Obviously.

At the moment we are TOTALLY stuck on a name. I think it’s because we were so set on having a boy we didn’t really plan many girls names, so it’s truly back to the drawing board with this one, but we have plenty of time so I’m sure it will come to us, soon enough.

So, although we were convinced it was a boy but are overjoyed with our surprise girl  – I’ve started to feel her kick this week and I can’t wait to get ready to meet her over the next coming months! ?

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