Violet has a BIG announcement…


Violets brother or sister has been cooking away quietly for 13 weeks now so I’m pleased to say we can FINALLY share our big news. Today was our scan and baby was happy, wiggling and healthy, with two arms, two legs and a beating heart. Such a relief as I’d been so worried! We are just over the moon! I wonder if Violet would be feeling the same if she could understand?! Hopefully she’ll be excited about her future sibling, they will only be 18 months age gap, so I hope they’ll be close. We shall see!

Violets Dress: La Coqueta

So, look out for pregnancy updates making a return, this pregnancy has been so different so I’ve got lots to share as well as telling you our successful IVF Frozen Embryo cycle story too. Exciting times!

Baby Peaches 2, due 08.08.2018

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