Review: Vital Baby Weaning Range

Weaning for us has been a bit of a minefield. We’ve had our ups and downs but now Violet has turned one I finally feel like I’m in my groove with it all. After a shakey start, I’ve definitely learned a few things I will be doing differently for baby number two, but such is life. As a first-time Mum I think I’ve done pretty well as Violet is happy, thriving and healthy so although at times it felt like I was winging it, we muddled through and come out all okay!

Now we are in our groove, I’m always looking for ways to make things a bit easier for us all, so we’ve recently been trialling a few products from the Vital Baby Weaning range to see if they speed up our usually very messy days!

Vital Baby are a British, family orientated brand who have spent years designing a weaning range to make every mealtime fun and easy for all the family. All the products are 100% BPA free and aim to solve common issues parents face around dinner time.

We were sent four products from the range to try, the Stainless Steel Baby Cutlery Set, Soft Spout Toddler Trainer Cup, Unbelievabowl™ Travel Suction Bowl Pack and No More Mess Trap-a-Snack™ pot.

Of course, when our package arrived one of the most eye-catching things about the range is the bright colours! Violet loved ripping each item from the box and exploring the colours and textures. She seemed very intrigued by her new table wear at the next mealtime.

We’ve been using our Vital Baby products for around a month now and have been getting on fabulously with them. I have to say my favourite product is the “Unbelievabowl” pack. We were sent the travel pack, which is a handy double pack of bowls which come with lids, a feeding spoon that slots into the lid and a clever “suction stand” which fixes the bowl to the table perfectly! It’s handy for on the go or at home – we use ours mainly at home. I’m so pleased we’ve finally found a bowl that Violet can’t turn upside down or throw on the floor – she was pretty disappointed at this to start with but she doesn’t even try now. The only thing I’ve found with this bowl is that you need to ensure the surface you are planning to stick it to is PERFECTLY clean, just a dot of grease or a rub of grubby baby hands on the tray and it’ll start slipping about, so it’s worth cleaning the tray thoroughly first and affixing the suction base first before serving your babies meal for best results!

The cutlery set has been the perfect place to start for getting her used to using cutlery herself.  We have started giving her full control of her own spoon, but she’s not silly, she knows that we use silver, metal cutlery and would always grab at my plate to have a go with my knife and fork too. Giving her the Vital Baby Stainless Steel Cutlery set has been ideal so she has a set for herself which are more grown up than usual baby spoons but totally safe too. I love watching her learn to use them, practicing reaching her mouth, getting better at every meal! She’ll have better table manners than me before we know it.

The Vital Baby Soft Spout Trainer Cup took a bit of getting used to as it’s quite different from others she’s tried and hasn’t got handles for easy grip either, but it’s been a great practice cup. It has two options to make it either free-flowing or non-spill, which is really useful, especially in the early stages when it spent most of the time upside down. Once Violet has mastered holding it with confidence I’ll change it to free-flowing.

The last in the range was the Trap a Snack pot. It didn’t take Violet long to realise she could push her hand through the top to grab at her snacks whenever she wanted to! The clever design of the pot means you can throw the pot into your change bag on the go and make absolutely no mess. This has been really useful for us in the house too as it stops the dog getting hold of Violet’s snacks too, shame it doesn’t stop her feeding him though!

Overall, if you are just starting your weaning journey or you have an older baby or toddler, I’d 100% recommend looking up the Vital baby range. They really have thought of the little details that make weaning just that bit easier, not just for the baby for the parent doing the clean-up operation too!

You can shop the Vital Baby range here, there is free delivery on orders over £30!


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  • The trap a snack thing sounds ideal – especially if it stops pooches from snaffling snacks! I’m going to have two to keep at bay when Emilia is snacking so I may have to invest in one of these! x

  • Great blog. This was so helpful. I personally think that this vital baby is good for kids. I also used it for my baby. I would like to thank you with heart because you wrote the blog about this.