Violet is ONE!

It seems like only yesterday that Violet was born  and now she’s a ONE YEAR OLD. I just can’t get my head around how quickly the year has gone! Sadly, on her birthday, she woke up lots in the night with a streaming cold, she had a really awful nights sleep in our bed (meaning we were exhausted too) and she was really poorly. I was so disappointed for her, after all the build up to her big day and she wasn’t feeling well. Bless her. With the party organised, we decided to just press on with the plans as it would probably be a nice distraction, rather than keeping her at home.

I’m not sure if it was the sheer exhaustion, pregnancy hormones or just all the emotions surrounding her birthday but we put on ‘Happy Birthday’ to play and I burst into tears, it just felt so surreal singing happy birthday to our little girl. The year of memories flashed before my eyes, from the tiny newborn in my arms with jaundice, to her first smile, first roll, first try of food and her first steps. Other moments flashed by too, trips to A&E (we’ve had a few!), times she’s been poorly, upset and mostly, her birth. Honestly, to anyone with a little one with a birthday coming up – it’s an emotional time!

I dusted myself off with a cup of tea and some toast and watched her opening her presents in her pyjamas. She was so excited!

After a sleep, which luckily helped her to feel better we headed to our local village hall to set up for Violet’s party! For the previous two days, I’d got my Pinterest-Mum hat on and made as much rainbow themed food and snacks as possible, I also put together all the decorations – which were a PAIN as I bought them on eBay and they all came in a million pieces, but putting everything together I was so pleased with how our little spread turned out!

With over 30 guests arriving in less than an hour I was feeling the pressure, but luckily, I had some good friends on hand to help with setting up, plus we hired a softplay area from Brighton Softplay (who were FABULOUS – not sponsored, I’d just highly recommend them if you are local) who arrived on time and set up a fun little area for all the little ones!

The star of the party (apart from the birthday girl herself!) has GOT to be this amazing, amazing, amazing unicorn cake, made by her Mummy V! She’d been telling me for months she wanted to make Violet’s cake and although I knew she was a good baker, but this is just on another level!

Her party was so lovely – she had all her best friends there, a softplay area and all the cake a little girl can eat! It was a shame she felt poorly, but we kept her mind occupied at least with everything going on around her!

Soon it was time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ again – this time for real! Luckily, with all our friends surrounding us, I didn’t cry this time!

As you can see, we’ve got our best party dresses on! Mine is from the Katie Piper Maternity range at Want That Trend, aren’t the little swans cute! Violet’s is from the beautiful La Coqueta, she looked SO gorgeous, although shame the hall was so chilly as she had to have a jumper on most of the party!

Even though she was poorly (look her in this next photo – poor thing!) she had such a lovely birthday. Thank you to everyone who came along!

Especially Maisie (who blogs at Love Maisie), Jack and Tyler who travelled all the way from Gloucestershire to be there!

So, that was Violet’s first birthday! She is now officially a one-year-old and almost overnight grew from a baby into a fully fledged toddler. She’s even started walking since her birthday only a few days ago.  Here is to the next year of this little girl’s life. I can’t wait to see what it holds for her! ?

P.S – just a quickie about my dress! If you want to shop the Katie Piper maternity range, I’ve got a sneaky 10% off discount for you – use code FIZZYPEACHES10 at the checkout for the next week only! (Ends at midnight on 17th March 2018)

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  • Happy birthday Violet! It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I was reading her birth story….
    It looks like you she had a wonderful day despite having a cold. The party looks amazing! I love the cake! Well done Mummy V! x