Making Money As A Work-From-Home Mum

Want to earn your own income whilst still getting to spend time with your children? Becoming a work-at-home mum can give you the best of both worlds, however it does come with its challenges. Juggling the dual responsibilities of work and parenthood isn’t for everyone – you may find that you can’t concentrate on either task as you’re constantly worrying about the other. Certain roles are likely to better suited than others due to their flexibility. Here are just a few money-making methods for those wanting to become a work-from-home mum.

Complete online surveys

Sites like Swagbucks can pay you to complete online surveys. The money you earn may depend on the type of survey – more specialised and long-winded surveys may pay more. This isn’t the most exciting money-making scheme and it’s unlikely you’ll make huge earnings, however as a small side hustle it can be convenient given that you can complete surveys from any location at any time without having to pay too much close attention.

Start a blog

If you love to write and feel you have something worth writing about, why not start a blog? For many this can be a great hobby that can allow you to share your thoughts and experiences with the world. Making money out of blogging is also possible, although not as easy. Getting your blog monetised with ads can earn you money, but you need to be getting a lot of visitors. Accepting promotional content and writing affiliate posts can sometimes be an easier way of making money. This could include product reviews, interviews with bands or promotional travel pieces for hotels – whatever suits the theme of your blog. You can use sites like Fiverr to find customers. It’s worth reading up on how to start a blog so that you can kick your blog off to a good start. You can post new content whenever you have the free time and whenever you have inspiration, although you should try to create some level of consistency otherwise readers will lose interest.

Test websites

Got an eye for good website design? You could make money testing people’s websites and pointing out flaws which could do with being improved. This requires no web design qualifications – website owners want to know what everyday people think of their sites. That said, certain website testing platforms may want you to take a trial test first to make sure that you’re pointing out useful criticisms. You’ll need a broadband connection and the latest browser updates to get into website testing.

Become a virtual assistant

You could also make money as a virtual assistant helping people out with time-consuming digital tasks. This could include anything from arranging travel and hotel bookings to managing someone social media. You could work for companies or for everyday consumers. When taking on secretarial work, make sure that you’re not taking on too large a workload and be careful of jobs that may not be appropriate. Phone-based work may be better suited to mothers with older kids as you don’t want to be trying to soothe a crying baby whilst handling a professional call.

Buy and sell things online

You can also make money from buying items and selling them online for a profit. This requires being able to track down a good deal. Amazon, eBay, Facebook marketplace and Preloved are just some great sites for buying and selling second-hand items. You may even be able to buy items offline at flea markets and thift stores and then sell them online for a profit.

Sell handmade crafts

If you’ve got a craft, it’s possible you may also be able to make money from this. This could include crafting jewellery, crocheting blankets, painting art or baking cakes. You could then find customers local to you or sell your crafts online. Certain crafts like baking cakes may require a level of concentration, but many others are likely to be things you can pick up in your free time and put down when you need to.

Iron people’s clothing

Ironing is many people’s least favourite chore – some people hate it so much that they’ll pay other people to do it for them. If you don’t mind ironing, try looking out for adverts on Gumtree and get paid to iron.

Walk people’s dogs

If you’re a dog-lover, you may also be able to get paid to walk people’s dogs whilst they’re at work. This could allow you to get out the house and you could take your kids along (if you’ve got a baby, you could try taking them in a sling).


Author: Lyndsay Fizzypeaches

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