A Gardening Challenge with wilko

This post is written in partnership with wilko

One of my favourite spaces of our new house has got to be the garden. We have just been loving having so much extra space, sunshine and fresh air, right on our doorstep! The only slight snag is that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to gardening. I’ve always wanted my own outside space, but having lived in flats previously I’ve not had a chance to practice my gardening skills. Now we have a garden to look after, I really need to learn…..quickly!

To make a start with our garden project, I was excited to take up the challenge from wilko to transform a small space within our garden into something new and beautiful. They asked me to visit their store and spend no more than £50 on gardening products to see how a little can go a long way when it comes to shopping at wilko. So, last weekend we headed over to our nearest store to see what we could pick up!

We headed straight to the gardening section –  which was extensive! I was really surprised to see such a big selection of products and plants, all at really reasonable prices for gardens big, small and for indoor projects too. I decided I wanted to make a  sensory garden area for Violet, which will be an area she can enjoy and eventually learn a bit about gardening too. Here is what we bought….

Bird Seed | Bird FeederSolar Lights BarcelonaWatering CanTrowel | Planter | Weed Killer Spray | Gardening Gloves

As you can see, this is quite a haul for £50! With prices like £1.50 for gardening gloves and only £5 for a trowel, wilko prices make gardening equipment, plants and decorations really great value for money, plus all the items felt really sturdy and high in quality too.  Whilst we were at wilko, we did stock up on other bits like homewares, cleaning products, toiletries and of course pick’n’mix for the journey home too – got to be done! ?

So, without further ado, I’ve made a little video of our garden transformation… have a watch:

And….. here is the finished area! I think it looks really lovely and Violet absolutely LOVES exploring the new plants, watching birds come to the feeder. The lights make it an even more eye catching sensory area as they change colour and have little bubbles inside. I can’t wait to show her strawberries growing (which she will eventually eat too!). We’ve made a lovely space on a small budget, plus it was so simple too! Now I am thinking about setting up a small greenhouse for fruits or vegetables, but that is a completely different story.

If this has got you feeling all green fingered, you can find your nearest wilko store here or you can order online on the website too! 

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  • Love what you picked, and bet you can’t wait to eat those strawberries! The outside lights are lovely too! Sadly we don’t have a garden but I love their kitchen and homeware deparment, everything is ‘in fashion’ for want of a better word and so reasonably priced!

  • I love what you’ve done there to add a bit of a sensory element to your garden with the budget you had from Wilko. Get job, lovely!

  • You’ve done such a lovely job here, can’t believe this is all for £50! I love the planter and the bird feeder especially. I’m not green fingered either, but my son has recently got into gardening – so a good excuse for me to give it a try! He has already grown some tomatoes and sunflowers, now we need to move them outside. One of these planters would be fab! x

  • It looks so lovely! I deffo need to give our garden(well, back yard/decking!) a bit of a makeover so will have to pop to our Wilko and see what they’ve got for us! x

  • Looks great. She will love watching the birds. I didn’t know they did so much gardening stuff. Will have to pop in and have a look, as my last trip to the garden centre cost more than that 🙂

  • It looks great! I LOVE Wilko. It’s got such a huge range of budget friendly items. We’ve picked up a bird feeder from there recently and Parker loves watching the birds come and eat their breakfast. I really like those lights too….xx

  • I love gardening, although I don’t get much time to potter in the garden at the moment. I definitely need to go and pick up some plants from Wilko though, the prices sound so reasonable!! 🙂 x