Pregnancy #2: The Second Trimester

Somehow I find myself at TWENTY-NINE weeks pregnant, yes, you read that right – 29! The baby is the size of a Cottontail Rabbit, weighs as much as an Aubergine and packs a punch and a kick like no other! Violet’s little sister is definitely a feisty one, I get the feeling we are going to have our work cut out. So as I’m now flying through this pregnancy at the speed of light, it’s time for a catch up on how we’ve been getting along through our second trimester!


Compared to my first pregnancy with Violet, I actually think I’m getting along pretty well! I am starting to feel quite big and achey but with Violet now fully on the move, I don’t have time to think about it. My days are busy and I’m on my feet most of the day, running after Violet, cleaning the house, cooking, playing on the floor with Violet, jumping up to catch her before she sticks her fingers in a plug/throws my make-up brushes down the toilet – you get the idea! There is just no rest for the wicked, but I actually think this level of activity has kept me really fit and well throughout the second trimester and staved off all the aches and pains, which seem to be 100% worse on the days I do actually sit down (usually during my two working days per week).

Sleeping is getting harder and harder, of course Violet doesn’t help in this department either! I’ve got to that point where I have to just sleep on one side, which can be quite achey after a while, I can’t wait to flop onto my belly once I’ve had the baby and roll about –  I think I’ll be practically doing snow-angels on my bed with glee! I’ve really found my Waterbumps lessons help with this as time in the water means I can float about on my front, back and focus on my breathing ready for the birth which has been mega helpful too.

All in all (I don’t want to speak to soon) but I think this pregnancy has been a lot easier than with Violet. Either as it’s genuinely just easier or I know what to expect – I’m not sure, but I’m feeling positive and happy. I enjoy having a bump, feeling lots of lovely kicks and watching it grow so I do enjoy being pregnant overall.


With so many less midwife appointments than my first pregnancy, it’s been hard to tell how she’s doing medically – I’ve had to rely on my instincts and previous experience a huge amount more. I definitely know she’s a real wiggler and doesn’t stop moving ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT, which is quite reassuring seeing as I’ve only heard her heartbeat a handful of times. At my last appointment at 28 weeks, she was measuring just fine but presenting as breech. I’m always trying to work out if she’s turned or not, but with kicks at the top and the bottom all the time, it’s hard to tell! The midwife said she’s still got plenty of time to turn, they were not worried at all, so we shall see what happens over the next few weeks then make a plan.


I had been starting to worry about coping with two under two, but I’ve stocked up on books, read blogs and watched Youtube videos on others experiences with the same and know I’ll be just fine. People cope with twins, triplets so I’m sure we are going to cope – we’ve done it all before so I know what to expect this time! Violet is such a good little girl and loves playing with other children, sharing her food/toys and I think will make the perfect big sister. I’ve been working on phrases like ‘pass me the wipes’ in the hope she’ll be able to help in basic ways, she seems to enjoy this and we make it a little game, so hopefully that’ll be a big help when the little one arrives too.


As the baby is breech, I feel like my birth plan is completely up in the air for the time being. If she doesn’t turn, I’ve already told the midwife I’m going to refuse an EVC (where they manually turn your baby) as the thought just creeps me out, I’d rather just be booked in for a C-Section! I wouldn’t be too upset if this happens as at least I’d know what to expect and can plan to some extent, which fills the organiser/planner with joy and also puts my mind at rest after a traumatic birth with Violet that the same back-to-back labour isn’t going to happen again.

However, if she does turn I am going to try for a natural as possible birth. I’m ok with gas & air but I hope to avoid an epidural this time if I can help it. I’ve talked about a home birth with my midwife and although I’m tempted I think I’d feel safer at the hospital for the big moment (especially as Violet went into the resuscitator when she was born so I was so grateful for us being in the right place!). They have waterbirth rooms at our local hospial, so I’m thinking this is a good middle ground between home/hospital environments. I’ve had 3 midwives warn me that I’m likely to give birth quickly so not to hang about at home too long, so a home birth might happen if we don’t get our act together in time – this is slightly more stressful as we have to arrange for someone to come and look after Violet/Robbie so hopefully I won’t give birth whilst we are waiting for them to arrive!

I’ve also returned to hypnobirthing to give that another shot. I did have faith in it the first time, but my hospital experience through me completely off course very quickly and quite frankly I just lost myself and fear set in way too early. This time, I hope I am armed with the knowledge of what to expect, a second-time Mum attitude and a little more trust from the midwives – I should be able to get further with it this time. I’ve been doing the online digital course from The Positive Birth Company  which has been fantastic, they have helped people like Louise Pentland and Hannah Maggs have positive birth experiences so seeing their stories and watching their videos has been a big boost in confidence that I can do this time too! I much prefer learning at home too as I don’t have to worry about getting to classes or organising childcare – I watch the videos in my PJs before I go to bed, it’s ideal!

I think as my first birth was so different to my plans I feel silly planning this time, but having an idea of my preferences for either a breech or non-breech baby is helpful to put my mind at rest at least!

So, that was our second trimester mega update! With only 10 weeks to go the countdown is truly on – we are busy this weekend getting the new babies furniture and room together, washing all Violet’s old baby grows and thinking about packing my hospital bag  – time is going so quickly, before we know it, it’ll be time! 


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