We moved house!

I’m sure you’ll know by all my elated, frazzled, slightly ranty or damn right stressed posts on social media that we have recently just moved house! We’ve received a fair few comments from people saying ‘Are you MAD? You are 6 months pregnant and have a one year old – you can’t move now!’ but when the right house comes up, you just have to grab the bull by the horns and DO IT. When we saw this house we both just knew it was ‘the one’ so we snapped it up –  the rest was history. Yes, it was stressful but I can safely say we are absolutely in LOVE with our new place so everything seems entirely worth it. I’m sure when we aren’t living in a sea of boxes it’ll be even better too!

The day we got the keys was an emotional one. Waiting for that call to say everything had gone to plan was agonising – buying a house can be such a rollercoaster! By around 12pm, we got the call but Violet was napping, so we then had to wait for her to wake up to hurry over to the estate agent to get the keys. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a few happy tears, then possibly some intentional extremely loud banging and clashing about with the last minute packing in the hope Violet’s nap might be shorter than expected. Of course that didn’t work and she slept for 2 hours just to keep me waiting until the last minute – always the way!

We collected the keys and let ourselves into our new home to have a look around before our official ‘moving in day’ the next morning. We also brought Robbie over to see his new pad, which he took to immediately with a good snorkel round the garden and a back scratch on the carpet. It felt surreal, like we have arrived at someone else’s house to stay – are we housesitting or maybe at posh Air B’n’B?! I’m not sure the news had quite sunk in yet as I walked around the empty rooms thinking ‘This is ours’. 

Moving day wasn’t the easiest, it was a dull, rainy day. It always seems to rain when people move house, it just tradition I think to add a extra side-serving of stress to a difficult day. Luckily we had removals men to help us, but instead of the four hours they quoted, after 7.5 hours they were still wearily heaving pot plants out of their van and I just wondered if it would EVER be over. Violet had had an epic meltdown in the afternoon so I just paced round the block of our new street trying to escape with her until it was done. By 5pm, the worst was over and we were IN! We couldn’t find a thing – everything was in boxes but a friend brought us home-cooked pasta in lunchboxes and we made ourselves squash in Violet’s baby bottles to drink, made our bed and found our toothbrushes, so we had everything we needed until the next morning.

Since then we’ve been slowly unpacking, getting more settled and into the rhythm of our new house each day. We have been getting used to the peace and quiet of our new neighbourhood, with the sound of birds singing in the morning, rather than the squawk of a seagull ripping open our binbags. We sleep so much better here, it’s so calm, peaceful and dark at night and light and airy in the day. Violet and Robbie both LOVE the garden, we’ve had a couple of picnics and they play ball and chase each other round for hours. But mainly, we just have space. The space we needed to grow our little family, to lay down roots and make a family home. Our last place just didn’t feel right for a family – I’m sure we will be so much happier here, grown up, in the suburbs – it finally feels like home! 


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