Dress Code Etiquette: The Dos & Don’ts of Different Occasion & Events

Dressing etiquettes make many people feel perplexed. Are you one of them? You feel confused when you need to dress up for an occasion, personal, social or professional? You do not want people to give you awkward looks, right?! You want to arrive at every occasion dressed in style and looking awesome! If you fail at that, you will be left with no choice, but be labelled to commit the fashion faux pas. Do you really want that to happen to you? Definitely not!

Here is where the fashionistas and fashion experts want to help you! Know what to wear and when to wear it, with our expert advice. If you have no idea about which brands have the best fashion collection, we will help you with that as well. There are many stores out there and you can check out Groupon’s latest clothing offers for Pretty Little Thing.

 Dressing Etiquette for Different Occasions & Events

We are adamant about turning all the divas out there into fashionistas as well. You need to understand that diva and fashionista are two different concepts! Being a fashionista, means you have knowledge about what to wear and what not, which might evade divas. Are you ready divas, to become fashionistas and head turners (in a good way) at events?! So, here goes!

  1.       Smart Casual:

This is the dressing style to carry at office parties, business luncheons and happy hours. If either of these is the occasion, ladies, you need to wear:

  • Dress pants or pencil skirts
  • Button down tops or you could wear a silk top
  • High heels


  1.       Dressy Casual:

If you are planning on visiting the church, going to dinner or an informal invite over phone/email, then this is the style to carry. For this you need:

  • Silk pants or dress pants or even a skirt
  • Patent leather flats or flats with embellishments like a bow or a buckle or even a print
  • Never wear denims, tennis shoes or cotton tees


  1.       Casual Look for Country Clubs:

This is obviously the best style for country clubs, but you can wear it on cruise lines, or at a friend’s home for dinner and even a nice restaurant. In this ensemble you need:

  • Polo or open necked Shirt
  • Dresses and skirts could also be pulled off for this kind of place
  • Do not go overboard with accessories. Minimal accessories will be good enough.


  1.       Business, yet Casual Look:

Company parties, daily work and business lunch meetings are perfect for this kind of style. Here is what you need for this look:

  • Skirt/ khakis/ dress pants
  • Long or three quarter sleeve tops
  • Casual dress along with top notch flats could also be a good option


  1.       Cocktail Parties & Events:

You can wear this style for adult birthday parties, as well as social events held in the evening (post sunset). Here is what you can wear:

  • Short dress with frills
  • A classic LBD (little black dress) would not be a bad idea


  1.       Lounge:

Any kind of daytime party, like afternoon tea or business breakfast would scream for this style. The style includes:

  • A dress, which is just on or above the knee, without being too sparkly
  • Pair it with a shawl or jacket


  1.       Black Tie Events:

Charity fundraisers, political events, opera and weddings are known as black tie events. Women, you need to be gracious and elegant, so go for:

  • Floor length gowns or dresses
  • Up-do hairstyle
  • Glamorous Jewellery
  • Opera length gloves (not for the wedding, of course)


Remember that fashion keeps changing! So, you need to speak with the experts at the dress stores to understand the clothes that match your event. These are the basic ones, there are many more. People might say create your own style! This is true, but you need the basic guidelines. After all, you cannot wear a bikini to a wedding, right? It is good for a beach party! Do not fall victim to the fashion police. Research well, before heading out for the event or occasion. Wow the world with your fashion and style!

Author: Lyndsay Fizzypeaches

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