Planning the new baby’s nursery

With only SEVEN weeks to go until Baby Peaches #2’s arrival, it’s been all systems go when it comes to planning our new babies nursery! This has been twice as tricky as with the house move as the poor little bubs room has been full of boxes since we moved in April (everyone has a box room, right?!). So, it’s been a case of clearing the room, painting then deciding on furniture too. With our jobs, a toddler and being pregnant, this has been slow progress but hopefully we should get it finished before Little Miss makes an arrival!



Violet’s room has always been a light lilac colour (her paint is actually called Violet White!) so we decided to aim for pinks/greys for our next babies theme. I loved this swatch that I found on Pinterest with the pop of gold too. Next week we are going to head out to some DIY/home decor shops to see if we can find something in a light dusty pink and a light grey. I think the colours would need to be slightly lighter than the swatch as the room is quite small so we don’t want to make it too dark – lighter colours should help to open the space and make it look bigger.



I’ve fallen in love with the idea of having a feature wall with a beautiful wall mural. I’ve been lusting over all the gorgeous nursery wall murals, it’s just finding the right one to fit in with our theme as they are all so eye-catching! I feel like it would really make the room unique and be something that would draw our new babies attention with the pretty colours and animals too. With the right design, it would grow with her until she’s a bit older too, so it means we won’t need to decorate again for a while. I think the winner so far is this Sealion design, as we live by the beach it’s perfect for us – what do you think?



Lulworth Cot Bed | Sleepyhead Marble | Seal Blanket

When it comes to a cot, we won’t be buying a new one – this is actually Violet’s cot bed, which has been amazing and we’ve absolutely loved using it over the last 15 months. We aren’t planning on moving this into the nursery straight away, as the new baby will be in our bedroom for the first 6 months, but when she is ready we are hoping to move the cot bed into her room and buy Violet a proper toddler bed. Thats the plan, anyway! We also used the Sleepyhead Deluxe with Violet, but since she was born there are LOADS of new designs – how gorgeous is this marble cover? Hoping I can get a cover for our old Sleepyhead (which is just in classic white) as it really adds a touch of style (and might also hide a few stains, I remember the perfect white one being hideous to keep clean with a newborn!).  Lastly, I’ve found this cute seal design blanket – doesn’t it match the wall mural perfectly?


Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1 | Joie Dreamer – Little World

We kept all of our bouncy seats and swings from Violet’s newborn days, but you can’t help but want new exciting things for a new baby – right? We’ve added a couple of new bits to our collection, plus we’ll be using some of the old favourites too. The first new addition I am VERY excited about. It is a brand new product from Chicco called the Baby Hug 4-in-1, it’s a crib for day (or night) time, a recliner, a highchair or a first chair so has SO many uses! For us, I am pleased to have a safe place for the baby that is higher up, away from little toddler hands and boisterous labrador waggy tails. I used to just pop Violet into her sleepyhead on the sofa for naps, but I’d worry too much this time if I did that as Violet might try and pull it down, she’s in a phase of jumping all over the sofa and pulling on the cushions, plus she’d probably just want to play with her baby sister and be continually poking her or balancing lego bricks on her forehead – it just wouldn’t be safe. It’s also great as we can have the Baby Hug in the living room and if the baby falls asleep at bedtime, we can wheel it through to our bedroom – it’s safe for overnight sleeping so there would be no need to wake her and relocate her into the Snuzpod.  Watch out for a full review on this in a couple of months when the new baby comes!

The last addition to our nursery is the Joie Dreamer in the gorgeous Little World print. I was browsing Kiddies Kingdom and just fell in love as it fitted our theme/colours perfectly. It has soothing lullabies, nature sounds and vibrate settings, so I’m sure the new baby will love it as much as Violet loved her bouncer back in the day!


So, that is the round-up of of the nursery plans so far – what do you think?? 

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