Pregnancy #2: 37 week update – we are fully cooked!

It’s hard to get my head around that as of today, our baby is FULLY COOKED and could arrive at any moment! The baby is apparently the size of a Honeydew Melon, and feels as heavy as one too. I am starting to feel like the baby is seriously starting to run out of space now and every day I wonder if she’s going to make an early appearance as she seems to have dropped so low!


In my second trimester update, we weren’t sure on her positioning and the midwife thought she was breech, however she is now most definitely head-down and ready to go! I had my final consultant appointment at 32 weeks where he told me the baby was head down and actually in a position called ‘LOL’ (which I thought means secretly laughing at me, but it actually means Left Occipito Lateral – she is laying with her back to my left and legs on the right hand side) – this explains when I sometimes get a foot jutting out the right side of my tummy!

We then had a bit of a scare at 36 weeks when I went to my midwife appointment and she said my bump was measuring a little too small (only 30cm at 36 weeks) and I’d need a growth scan to see if the baby was ok. On my chart you could clearly see her growth going down at every check, so I’m glad they were able to act fast and book us in for the following day.

We headed to the hospital for a scan the following afternoon and were quickly told that the baby was measuring perfectly. She’s estimated at 6lbs already, which is interesting as Violet was only 6lbs 2oz at birth and my bump is even smaller this time, but they did lots of various measurements and were satisfied so that put our minds at rest! I just seem to make tiny babies for some reason. They estimated that Violet was around 7lbs 4oz at this point so I’m sure this baby will be smaller, but she might surprise us all!


HOT. Uncomfortable and a bit fed up. Summer pregnancies are DEFINITELY harder than winter in the third trimester, thats without a doubt. Remind me if I plan to have any more babies to make sure they are born in the winter as I am most definitely not doing this again.

It’s a really tricky one as in summer naturally everyone wants to be outside, enjoying the weather and doing anything and everything but it’s just not possible at this size! My inner sun worshipper is so disappointed I’m not laying in the sun with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, but the reality is that I’ve spent a huge amount of time inside with my feet in a cold bucket of water, pining for the sun outside or feeling like I’m missing out on all the fun!

I’ve certainly not had much time to think about how I’m physically feeling as I have to run about after Violet all day, every day. Life doesn’t stop with a second pregnancy, I’ve felt like I just have to get on with it, even if I’m tired, aching or feeling any pains – I can’t believe how lucky I was so sit around towards the end of Violet’s pregnancy! I’ve got a really sore hip, I’m not sleeping well and I feel generally exhausted but I just keep counting down the days and thinking it won’t be forever so I tell myself to keep plodding onwards. Going to Waterbumps Aquanatal classes has really helped to cool me down and keep those aches and pains under control at least.


I think we are NEARLY ready – this week I finished packing my hospital bags, I’ve washed all the babies clothes and we’ve put our new Snuzpod 3 bedside crib together (which is SO pretty). I am nesting like crazy which means I’ve been unpacking boxes and organising our stuff from the house move whenever I get a free moment as well as obsessively cleaning, scrubbing and reorganising.

As for the birth, I go through phases – one day I feel positive about it as I KNOW I’ve done it before and I can do it again, the following day I’ll be super nervous. I find this time round not knowing when I’ll go into labour and whether V will get home from work and our friend will be over to look after Violet in time are quite stressful, I just hope it happens during the middle of the night so at least we are all together and I’m not home alone with Violet trying to cope until help arrives.  It feels like the birth is looming over my head – like a collection of mixed emotions, ‘what-ifs’ and a giant hurdle left for me to tackle between pregnancy and meeting the baby. I just want to get it done now and start the next chapter of our lives!

So, is this my last pregnancy update, or will baby be a while yet? Only time will tell…. 

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  • So excited for you guys! I still can’t quiet believe baby girl is almost here!! It still feels like yesterday that you told me you were getting positive tests!! You will be absolutely amazing brining her into the world and I can’t wait to come and give you all big cuddles(and chocolate, I’ll probably bring chocolate 😂) xx

  • I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with my second, so this post couldn’t resonate more right now! Very uncomfortable and no chance of a nap with a two year-old running around!