Organising Your Next Family Holiday Without Breaking The Bank


A wonderful family holiday is almost a rite of passage. So, it’s only natural for all parents to do all that they can to provide their kids with this. While being a little short of money will limit your options, it certainly shouldn’t prevent you from having that perfect family adventure.

Here are five ways to reduce the costs without compromising the fun. With these tricks up your sleeve, the perfect family getaway is just around the corner.   

Stay In The UK

While millions of families jet off to foreign lands, the UK is home to many wonderful destinations. More importantly, places like Butlins are particularly great for their family-friendly nature. The fact that you won’t have to travel as far is always a positive factor when you have young children in your party too. Learn to enjoy the great outdoors too, and you won’t even need to spend lots of money on attractions and activities. This will cut the costs significantly.

Travel Out Of Season

If the kids are already at school, getting them out of term time can be difficult. While they’re toddlers, however, visiting destinations out of season can see the prices drop by over half. Everything from travel to accommodation becomes cheaper. Meanwhile, the attractions at home and abroad will be less packed. This means that you can often enjoy those family adventures with even bigger smiles on your faces. So, while it’s not always possible, this is an option that is still worth considering.


Buy Cheap Clothes

Buying holiday clothes is one of the most exciting parts of the vacation preparations. The truth of the matter is that you probably won’t wear half of the outfits once you’ve returned home. As such, sticking to affordable styles is advised. Even when buying items that you will wear again, making your money work harder saves funds for the trip itself. Cheap underwear sets are the perfect solution to this problem. Meanwhile, special promotions can reduce the costs of footwear.

Use Modern Tech

Online searches can instantly help you save money on everything from holiday car rentals to attraction tickets. However, you can also use it to remove some of the hidden costs while you’re away. Staying in touch with friends and family through Skype or Facebook is far cheaper than using the phone. Meanwhile, telling your phone provider about your travel plans may let you find the most suitable add-ons. Even if you only save a few pounds here and there, it’ll soon add up.

Make Money In Return

While you’re away, your home is vacant. Joining Airbnb will require someone to serve as the host, but you can always get a relative or friend to do this for a small fee. Alternatively, there are companies that offer this service. Another option is to trade homes with another family for the week so that you won’t pay for accommodation. This option certainly isn’t for everyone, but it is one that can be an excellent way for families to get away on a budget.


Author: Lyndsay Fizzypeaches

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