Review: Mutsy Nexo Stroller

Now Violet is a little bit older at nearly EIGHTEEN MONTHS (?) it’s been amazing to finally upgrade our travel system to a lightweight stroller. No more loading multiple parts of a heavy pram into the boot of the car, this is one of the lightest, easiest strollers I’ve ever used! Being heavily pregnant it couldn’t have come at a better time for us too.

So, here is the video review of the Mutsy Nexo Stroller that I recently filmed for Netmums Star Reviewer Panel – enjoy!


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  • Hi, I’ve just come across your great video review and blog. I was wondering are you still using the Nexo this many months on and how is it for a heavier child? I’m hoping I might be able to transport it for my 3 year old if he needs it occassionally still although it would mainly be for my 10 month old. There aren’t many Mutsy buggys in Ireland so I’m nervous buying a brand I’ve not seen in person!

    • Hey Elena,
      We do still use it, everyday! My biggest one just turned two and my littlest is 6 months and I use it for them both easily. We really love it and take it everywhere 🙂