3 tips on how to create a successful working area #MyChairStyle


Working from home has its many perks such as you don’t have set office hours and you can be flexible with your own working schedule.  Before choosing an area that you call your office it is important to make a list of the essential stuff you will need to create a home office.  Here are a few tips that will help you transform whatever space you use into a successful working area.


Privacy is a key element to take into consideration when setting up your home office. How you work can be affected by noise and interruptions so it is important when planning out your office area that it is away from surrounding noises and distractions. It should be a quiet room with some level of privacy. This is important if you share your house with a partner, children or even a roommate. You can either decide to use a spare room in the home or use a space in the garden such as a shed. If you are unable to get yourself a room specially designed as a home office you can purchase dividers that can be used in the corner of a living room so you have that separate space that is specially designed for you to work.

Natural light

Natural light offers a welcoming environment that works better than artificial lighting. This is because our light intake is responsible for sleeping and feeling well and if there is a lack of natural lighting, it can affect how we sleep, our mood, communication, and emotion. With all this in mind, good lighting can help you accomplish higher at work.


The right equipment is essential for getting your home office ready.  The essentials you will need are a good desk with enough room for a computer, a chair that can provide support, a fax machine, telephone and organizers such as built-in drawers in your desk and a shelving unit.  It is important to buy a good chair that can be adjusted to the right height so it follows the correct ergonomic rules. As well as this, it should be stylish with a good design that fits the theme of your office. Furniture At Work has created a fun infographic of different celebrity inspired office chairs that you may be inspired by.

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