How pregnancy changes the body, and procedures that can help

You knew that your body would change while you were carrying your baby. You expected it and embraced the process. You believed every moment was worth it to experience the instant you held your little one for the first time. You are still overjoyed about being a mother and having the greatest gift any woman could ever have. However, the changes to your body are more than you expected. You want to have your cake and eat it too. In other words, you want to reclaim your figure and get back to your pre-baby body.

What Happens to a Woman’s Body During Pregnancy?

Knowing that changes are going to happen and actually experiencing them are two different things. As your baby developed over the course of nine months, you gained wait. Your skin stretched, leaving you with stretch marks on your abdomen because this was the area that has the most stress of all. Your breasts swelled. Your hips appeared to get wider. You began to swell with fluids to the point that everything looked more swollen. Your feet actually became larger. This is due to a hormone that is released while you are pregnant. It’s called relaxin. It’s intended to loosen up your joints to assist you in the birthing process. However, it can affect your feet as well. It can cause the bones to spread out wider in your feet as the ligaments become loose. After you have your baby, you expect your body to snap back to the way it was when you exercise and watch what you eat. Unfortunately, that might not be the case.

Your Breasts May Not Go Back to Their Original Shape and Size

After you give birth and nurse, your may expect your breasts to maintain a larger size. The opposite often holds true. They may actually appear to shrink and deflate. They may droop, dropping down to the point that they really sag. Your only choice to remedy the situation could be wearing a supportive bra. As soon as the bra comes off, your back to breasts that don’t make you happy.

That Flat Stomach May Not Make a Comeback

Your abdomen can be one of the biggest challenges after pregnancy. Fat tends to accumulate in this area. It can be extremely resistant. You may also be dealing with excess skin that won’t tighten up. You can exercise every day and go for a completely healthy diet, but your still may not be able to get your figure where you want it to be.

What Can You Do When You Need Help to Get Your Body in Shape After Pregnancy?

The first thing you need to remember is that you should not beat yourself up if your figure isn’t cooperating with you after you gave birth. Give your body time to adjust. Be patient as you embrace a healthy lifestyle. Reach your goal weight. Try different fitness routines and change up what you eat. If you still don’t like what you see, you can visit your plastic surgeon to discuss changes you can make to feel better about yourself.

Focus on Your Breasts

One of the most common areas that women want to change after pregnancy is the bust. You may need implants to make your breasts fuller once again. This can improve their shape as well. A breast lift can lift your breasts back to their former position. In some cases, a combination approach may be the best way to enhance your breasts.

Consider a Tummy Tuck

If your main issue is with your abdomen, a tummy tuck offers you a comprehensive solution. A tummy tuck will allow your plastic surgeon to remove any excess fat and skin that has been hanging on after your pregnancy. Your abdominal muscles can be tightened up as well. In the end, you can have a smooth abdomen once again.

Get a Complete Mommy Makeover

If you aren’t happy with your bust and your abdomen, you are a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover. Your plastic surgeon will focus on performing procedures that target your bust and your abdomen when you come in for your surgery.

What About Stretch Marks?

Your plastic surgeon may be able to address your stretch marks as well. Laser resurfacing may improve the appearance or you may find that your tummy tuck takes care of the problem when excess skin is trimmed away. If your surgeon does not perform procedures to correct stretch marks, you could consider seeking paramedical micropigmentation to make your stretch marks blend nicely with your natural skin tones.

What is the Right Answer for You?

Only you can decide what approach you want to take in order to transform your body after pregnancy. You may decide to go through a combination of procedures or you may only concentrate on only one area. You need to remember that surgery will result in downtime. You’ll need to be prepared for the healing process. You should also consider waiting if you plan on having more children. Your weight should be stable and you will need to be in good health. Once you have thought about your options and you are ready for action, it’s time to sit down with your plastic surgeon to plan your next move.

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