How to Make the Most of This Year’s Jean Trends

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it is definitely time to get your warmer clothes out and try everything on. If you find that something no longer fits, don’t worry. After all, it gives you the perfect excuse to go out and treat yourself to something new. There are some really great looking clothes out there, especially when it comes to jeans.

Find the best selection online

There are thousands of pairs to choose from online. So finding the perfect pair for you should not be difficult.

A lot of people I know like buying denim from Fashion World. Naturally, like most stores, they stock the very latest styles. But, this fashion retailer does not forget that the very latest cuts are not necessarily right for every woman. So, they continue to carry other styles of denim jeans, skirts, shirts and jackets even though others have cut them completely from their ranges. They really do cater for every age, size and taste and offer an extensive range of plus-size denim clothing.

Wider cuts are becoming more popular

This year, there are more boot cut and flared jeans available in the shops. If you are apple-shaped or have narrow hips this is very good news. These cuts are great at re-balancing the body and creating the perfect silhouette.

If you fancy trying out these new cuts, I suggest you take a look at this article before you go shopping. It explains how to choose the right cut and leg width for your body type.

Longer jeans are now more fashionable

Last year, cropped jeans were all the rage. These were great, because you could wear virtually any type of footwear with them and they kept you cool during the heat wave. But, for the winter, you need full-length jeans and trousers.

Most of the bootcut and flared jeans I have seen in the shops, so far, are cut long. Typically, they finish mid heel, so it looks like the longer cuts are going to be the dominant length. For most women this is a good thing, because you can wear virtually any style of footwear with their new jeans. There is no need to squeeze your feet into the latest shoes because nobody is going to see them.

Just be sure to wear the boots, trainers or other footwear you are likely to wear the most when trying on jeans. That way you will not end up inadvertently buying a pair that is too long because you were wearing heels when you went shopping.

Comfort rules

Mom jeans appear to be on the way out, but that does not mean you have to squeeze yourself into a tight pair. Far from it, instead, boyfriend cuts are taking over. These jeans have relatively high waists and are cut more generously around the hip area, which makes them an ideal option for the active woman.

More fashion tips from me

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