Life as a Family of Four – in Photos

The newborn days are like no other. Swept into a vortex of all-consuming love for your new baby with a side serving of sheer exhaustion, worry and difficulties you never expected. Those early days can be so beautiful but so incredibly hard too. The newborn days really do take you to your limits and then test where those boundaries are again and again. Visitors come and go, time flies by at triple speed. Life feels like it’s on fast forward with days rolling into weeks and before you know it your baby is blowing out the candles on their first birthday cake. Time goes so fast. For us, capturing our young family was so important – a moment we will treasure and remember forever. We had a family photoshoot with Violet, so when Pearl came along I knew I wanted to do the same for her and create some pictures we could keep forever.

As neither V or I are comfortable in a studio setting, we decided a casual lifestyle shoot with Nicola Jackson Photography would be our best option. Nicola came to our home and just joined in with the chaos that is our family life for the morning. It didn’t feel like a photoshoot at all, more like having a friend over for a cuppa (who just happened to be taking a lot of photos!). In the chaos of two-under-two I didn’t hold much hope for a successful shoot – not to discredit Nicola’s photography skills, but they say ‘never work with children or animals’ and we certainly proved that! But Nicola worked around the chaos, clutter and cries with such patience and took the most beautiful photos.

You might have noticed a few photos from our shoot starting to pop up on social media, however I’ll share a few more of my favourites now…

As you can see, Nicola is one talented lady. I feel she really managed to capture our family essence and some absolutely gorgeous moments we will treasure. I’m so pleased with how the photos turned out, especially in the chaos that was our house this morning, but they are so true to our family and just real moments, captured in time forever.

A big THANK YOU to Nicola for hanging out with us for the morning and for taking our photo so beautifully.

If you’d like to get in touch with Nicola or to see more of her work – take a look at her website, Instagram or Facebook page! 




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