Pearl’s Nursery Wishlist

It’s all systems go in our house to get Pearl’s bedroom ready! She won’t be in her own room until she’s 6 months old, but seeing as she’s nearly two months already, I’m sure it’ll be here before we know it! Especially as decorating her room as been quite slow progress with looking after two little ones, my blog, V’s work and family time we seem to get one task done then it takes us a while to get time to do the next. We’ll get there eventually!

I can’t wait to have a space for her sorted – I thought we were super eager to get Violet’s nursery ready way before she was even born but it was much better as I had a place to put all her things! Honestly, they say babies need very little – it’s NOT TRUE! Babies come with so much stuff and if you don’t have anywhere to put it, it’s just utter chaos! Pearl’s things were all stacked up in boxes in our room, her clothes in a random cupboard where we usually store the hoover and cleaning products – so it’s not been ideal. Soon she’ll have her own little space to sleep, put her clothes, toys and most importantly, hide from her big sister when it all gets too much – ha!

So, today I’ve put together a little planning post for some bits we want to get for Pearl’s nursery. Some of the items we already have, some are additions we are hoping to get over the following few months leading up to the ‘big transition!’ Eek!


Firstly, the main feature in the room will obviously be the cot. Pearl will be having Violet’s cot at 6 months, which means the pressure is now on to get Violet used to her toddler bed too. Violet had the Lulworth Cotbed which is from Mothercare. I’ve talked about it quite a few times before but I couldn’t honestly couldn’t rate it any higher. It’s served us so well and is perfect right from 6 months through to toddler. The base lifts to three different levels, plus it eventually turns into a toddler bed too, so that’s Pearl’s toddler bed sorted too. Not that I can imagine her being a toddler quite yet!

To match we have bought Pearl the Lulworth Wardrobe, which we’ve just put together and it looks gorgeous as a set! I can’t wait to start hanging and organising her little baby clothes, is there anything sweeter?

The next thing on my nursery wishlist has got to be a gorgeous Teepee! Maybe not an essential, but every girl needs a teepee to play in, right? I was browsing LionsHome which honestly is the hub of all nursery furniture (well, all furniture really!). If you want to look at literally hundreds of different options all in one place, this is the perfect place to shop. I just love the grey teepee with white stars, it’s gorgeous!

Now, onto a few cute (but usefull!) bits for the nursery. To go in the cot, we absolutely LOVE the cellular blankets from Mama Designs. We used them with Violet and now I’ve just bought Pearl a lovely big cot sized blanket in grey with a pink trim.

As Pearl is still so little she loves to be swaddled – I absolutely love the ingenious Summer Infant ‘Kicksie‘ and ‘Footsie‘ swaddle, which allow her arms to be safely tucked in but with freedom to move her legs about too. The pink heart design matches the blanket perfectly! Talking about our swaddles, we also have some matching pink muslins from Summer Infant which are great as they are giant and so light too. Think we have a bit of a pink theme for the nursery forming, although with subtle touches, not too garish!

Lastly, I’ve been planning some playthings that would look lovely in the nursery too. I’ve always wanted to own a Scandi style Baby Gym like this one from from Plan Toys and the classic Grimms Rainbow but in gorgeous pastel colours to fit the room. I also LOVED this Meadow Activity Pad with the bunny design – perfect for sensory play and stylish too! Wooden toys are so much less garish than the plastic toys Violet had, so I’d love to try and aim for a Scandi style this time…. although I’m sure we will end up with some plastic tat along the way!

So, thats our plans for Pearl’s nursery so far! Hopefully I’ll be able to share some photos of our progress and finished room when it’s done!

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