5 ways to prep your car for the winter

Brrr! It’s so chilly today isn’t it!  I was out on the nursery run at 7:10am this morning, with my hat, scarf, gloves and my heated seat on and I was still cold! There was snow on the road and it got me thinking about car safety at this time of year. I have always been good at maintaining my car, but now I’ve got my two little ones I feel like it’s even more important – I have been checking my car over to ensure it’s as safe as possible as the weather is only going to get colder! Here is how I’ve prepped my car for winter, I hope these tips keep you safe too..

Check your tyre pressure

It’s SO important to check your tyre pressures regularly. It’s recommended you check them Checking tyre on a weekly basis. Not only is this the safest option, especially in the cold icy conditions but it’s also to save money. Having correct tyre pressures means that the tyre will roll more efficiently on the roads, saving money on expensive fuel and will make your tyres last longer too.

Check your tyre condition

In the winter conditions can be treacherous. Having good tyre control when driving in slippery or rainy conditions is essential for your safety. The legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm across the centre two thirds of a tyre and if tyres are below this limit, you could face both a fine and points on your licence. To check this, there are tread wear indicators on most tyres which look like raised bumps in the groves – when these bumps are at the same height as the tread your tyre is on the limit. Another handy way to good check is with a 20p coin. The outer band of a 20p is just less than 3mm thick so insert the 20p into the tyre tread and if the outer band is obscured by the tread the tyre is fine. Any less and it’s time to consider getting new tyres! Getting new tyres don’t have to be costly either, there are plenty of places like Pentagon Vauxhall where you can find cheap tyres as well as plenty of other car parts. That way you don’t have to look around.

Check your battery

Cold weather conditions can reduce the life of a battery. Trust me, you’ll know it when your battery runs out as your car won’t start and that is NEVER a situation you want to get into in this chilly weather!  If this does happen you can check if you need a new battery by jump-starting the car and taking it for at least a 20-minute run to charge the battery. Turn the engine off and restart it the next morning. If it’s flat again get the battery checked to see if it needs replacing.

Check screen wash levels

A really simple check you can do on your car, which is so essential. In this weather salt and spray covers the windshield and can leave your vision seriously compromised. Always check your screen washer levels before making a journey, even if it’s just a short one!

Check your wiper blades

I didn’t realise this but wiper blades should be changed every 12 months. This is because the rubber can perish over time, especially if it’s been exposed to sunlight and cold temperatures.  It’s really important to change both blades at the same time, and even better if you change front and back together too!



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