Choosing the perfect Gift – 50 days of Christmas with Boots

With Halloween out the way, the countdown to Christmas is truly on! This year with two little ones I feel like preparation for Christmas is going to be tricky to fit in, but with two little excited faces on Christmas day, it’ll all be worth it I’m sure. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for online shopping as there is no way I’m dragging my ginormous double buggy and two little ones around the shops when it’s rammed with Christmas shoppers too. This year I’m planning to do all my shopping online and as time is limited, I’ve already made a good start at planning and buying a few gifts ahead of time too!

Of course, my first port of call for Christmas gifts is always Boots. It has been for years and their Christmas range just gets bigger and better every year – I feel like it’s turned into quite a tradition really! I just love the sheer amount of choice they have in their Christmas range- it’s not all about the toiletries anymore, there is such a vast range of great gifts with something for everyone whether you are buying a big present for someone special or smaller stocking fillers or secret santa gifts, you know Boots have got you covered.

So, I’ve been browsing for Christmas Gifts for Her and wanted to share a couple of gifts I’ve chosen this year for two special people in my life.

GIFT #1:

The first is the gorgeous Yankee Candle Christmas Collection (£50 RRP, currently reduced to £25!) 

There is nothing more festive than filling your home with the scent of Christmas and this year Yankee candle have absolutely nailed it with the festive scents. The Christmas Collection is just stunning and such a lovely gift for someone special.

Inside the box is:

? 1 x Christmas Cookie Medium Jar Candle

? 1 x Christmas Even Small Jar Candle

? 7 votive candles – Snow In Love, Snowflake Cookie & Spiced Orange

? 12 tea lights in All Is Bright

I have chosen to give this gift to my partner, V. It’s a bit different to something I’d usually get her but our lives are so different now. She doesn’t have time to put together the huge Lego structures of her Christmas gifts in the past or to indulge in a bottle of the finest gin. V works so hard to support our family, tirelessly going to work every day, usually  exhausted to her core. She can usually be found with a baby glued to each hip as when she is home ‘Fun Mummy’ is here and I don’t even get a look in. She schedules meetings from her work phone whilst making bottles, gets home after a long day straight into the thick of bath time, dinners and bedtimes without even a sit down or a cup of tea, she never grumbles when she’s woken up in the night (multiple times) even on a day when she knows she has so many meetings she’ll be a walking zombie. She is just such a trooper. As she works so tirelessly for us this set is actually the gift of relaxation. It’s the hope I can find her an hour of baby-free time to light a candle and pop it on the bath side and have some time out, some time to herself to recoup after a crazy few months of having two little ones and being such a massive part of our family unit.

We don’t have much time for date nights or adventurous days out these days, but making the house as relaxing and festive as possible this Christmas feel like a holiday in itself I’m sure!


GIFT #2:

My second choice is The Mega Brand Box (£45 RRP) 

With a selection of full-sized products from some of the biggest, most popular brands of 2018, this is a must have for the make-up fiend in your life!

Inside the box there is:

? Misguided ‘Unicorns What to be Me’ Eyeshadow Palette

? Skinny Dip ‘On a High’ Highlighter Palette

? Millie Mackintosh Luxe Lip Kit

? Hype Body Mist Trio

? Niomi Smart Bath Fizzer


I’ve chosen this gift box for a really good friend of mine. She’s another blogger just like me and someone that I turn to daily for chats, inspiration or just for a giggle! It wouldn’t be a normal day if I didn’t see her name flag up on Whatsapp, and for that I’m eternally grateful. We don’t see each other ‘in person’ too often but when we do we always have lots to say and have a good old catch up. She’s someone I turn to for advice on so many things, from parenting advice, blog questions or just to vent about the daily goings on in life. Let’s face it to put up with my rambles on a daily basis she deserves a medal, not just a box of make-up! I know she’ll love this set as she’s colourful in character, loves following the latest trends, religiously watches the latest beauty Youtubers (that I always lose track of). She doesn’t always have that much time for caring for herself in between looking after her children, her blog and organising her family life so she deserves something that is just for her, to bring back that sparkle this Christmas!

I have really enjoyed browsing this years selection of Christmas gifts from Boots – I have to say I have my eye on a couple of gifts for myself too! I better be good and ask Santa nicely.  Boots have a fantastic selection this year and don’t miss out on special offers too – many are half price and there are 3 for 2 offers as well!


Which gifts have you got your eye on for your family and friends? 


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