Getting out and about with two-under-two: My Ergobaby Omni 360 review

I have a little theme running on my blog at the moment – I’m recreating posts that I wrote in the early days with Violet but with a brand new update now Pearl is here! Today’s post is an updated version of this post, where I talked about my struggles with getting out of the house with a newborn and talked about our Ergobaby 360 baby carrier. Now, not only has my Ergobaby had an upgrade, but I’ve had and upgrade as I now have TWO babies to take out and about! It’s funny, reading back my original Ergobaby review and my nerves just with just one baby shows me how far I’ve come now I’ve got two! How things change…..!

So, we are full swing in the two-under-two life and I’d be lying if I said getting out and about was easy. In fact I’ll be straight up and say I find it incredibly challenging and physically demanding too. However, now we are three months down the line I am finding my groove with it. I’ve found my new normal and don’t let the challenges stop me from getting about. I just often need a strong coffee and a gin afterwards, but that is just two-under-two life!

Our usual set up when we are out is to have a lightweight stroller for Violet (this one) and Pearl in a carrier. I’ve tried a double buggy, but I just find it so huge to push around! I worry about weaving in and out of shops and cafes, it makes where we go quite limited – so a stroller with a carrier is perfect for us right now.  I also use a carrier around the house a lot – for playing with Violet, getting the housework done, settling Pearl to sleep and for riding out those clingy moments (whilst being able to tend to Violet) too. Honestly, if I had one tip for a two-under-two parent, it would be GET A CARRIER – YOU WILL NEED IT!

So, let’s chat about the carrier we’ve been using. We are massive fans of Ergobaby so I was SO EXCITED to find out they’ve teamed up with Hello Kitty to produce their new amazing Ergobaby Omni 360. When I saw the Hello Kitty print, the teenage girl in me who collected EVERYTHING from the Sanrio range squealed with delight. Plus, this is the newer version of the carrier I had with Violet – I couldn’t wait to give it a try!

The thing I really love about Ergobaby carriers is that they are just so easy and comfy to use. I have never been able to get on with stretchy wraps as I never trust myself that I’ve tied it correctly, so having some structure without the carrier feeling too solid is just perfect for me. It feels like the ideal middle ground in carriers. The Ergobaby just seems to ingeniously fit around baby perfectly, making a soft, snug cocoon which is so comfy and ergonomically friendly on the wearers back too. This is certainly needed when you are running about after a toddler – like we are at this play park, I was lifting her on the swings, slides all with Pearl in tow – she slept the entire time and didn’t notice at all!

Here is the facts about the Ergobaby Omni 360:

  • 4 Carry Positions  – Parent Facing from newborn (no insert needed with this one!), Front facing from 5 months, Hip side carry from 6 months and Back Carry from 6 months.
  • Newborn – Toddler (7lbs-45lbs)
  • Ergonomic in all positions
  • Lumbar Support for optimal back support
  • Detachable storage pouch
  • Machine Washable
  • Ideal for breastfeeding
  • Baby privacy and sun cover (UPF 50+)

The padded ‘seat’ part is ergonomically designed for babies to be comfortable in all positions, whether facing forward or inwards. I love that the Omni 360 doesn’t need a newborn insert, it certainly feels more streamlined and more snug than the first version of the 360 that I used with Violet, which often felt quite bulky, especially if I was wearing it around the house. As you can see Pearl’s legs are in the optimal ‘M’ position which is recommended for all baby carriers for adequate support for your little one.

The lumbar support has been massively upgraded too, with a large panel that supports your lower back. The straps are also positioned to spread the weight ergonomically across your back, you can also wear it with crossed straps for even more support too. Even though Pearl looks small, she soon gets heavy after a while of wearing her, so maximum back support is so important – especially when I’m running about after Violet, pushing the stroller or carrying bags too!

There is also an exciting addition to the Ergobaby range, which every parent with a toddler needs! Ergobaby have now launched Doll carriers for toddlers, which is such a cute idea. As you can see, we have got the matching carrier for Violet and she just loves it! She is so into her babies at the moment, at home she often copies me, putting nappies on her dolls, washing them, feeding them – so she’s been loving being able to carry her dolly around whilst we are out, just like Mummy. I think this really helps to calm some of her toddler tantrums too – often she’ll see me picking up Pearl and have an epic meltdown, but being able to copy me and carry her own baby means she has something to focus on and feel less jealousy. She loved taking her dolly around at the park and whizzing down the slide with her!

If you’ve got two little ones like me, I’d highly recommend a baby carrier. Find one you are comfortable with as you’ll be wearing it a LOT. You can visit a local sling library to try on and rent different carriers to find the right one for you. Everyone has different styles – some like wraps, some prefer even more structure – for us, we love Ergobaby and always have done. We had one with Violet and now have the newer one for Pearl too, I’ve not tried a carrier I like as much.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 retails at £154.90 (with the Hello Kitty range at £164.90) and comes in a range of colours. The Doll carrier retails at £29.90 and also comes in matching colours to match your carrier too. 

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