How to Be a Relaxed Mummy

You love being a parent, but boy oh boy, it’s not easy it is? It seems like life is forever moving at a million miles per hour, and while you generally manage things just fine, from time to time you can feel the pressure levels beginning to rise, rise, rise. Aside from compromising your own enjoyment of what should be a happy period of your life, a stressful mind can also have a negative impact on your children, too. It’s much better, therefore, to take steps to be as relaxed as possible. But of course, this is easier said than done. Below, we take a look at some useful tips that’ll have you walking around on a cloud of zen tranquility.


Time For Yourself

It’s hard to be relaxed if you’re forever thinking about the next thing that you need to take care of. It’s hard enough to stay on top of everything when you have one child; if you have more, it can feel impossible! But you’ll be well-served by making time to do things that you enjoy. Leave the kids with your partner for a while, and take some time to chat with your friends, practice your hobbies, or simply take a long bath with a book in your hand. It’ll be the little breather you need to be at your best.

When you finally get the space and time for personal relaxation, make the most out of it! Gift yourself with a diffuser bracelet for essential oils you can wear while meditating or doing some earthing sessions. Use this rare opportunity to relax, heal, and connect with nature.

Get Mindful

We’re a pretty stressed nation. If you have a job, a house, and children, then it’s completely understandable that you might feel a little bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’re beginning to understand more and more about how we can handle the thoughts and anxieties that build-up in our mind. One of the best ways is to practice mindfulness, which will help to calm the chaos of your mind. If you don’t know where to begin, then there are hypnosis downloads to help you get your journey underway. Soon, you’ll realise that you’re much better able to handle the day!

Relaxed Children

A lot of our stress doesn’t come from within; it’s a reaction to the world around us. If our children are acting crazy all the time, then we’re going to feel the same. As such, it’s a good idea to learn how to have relaxed children. Of course, kids will be kids, and it’d be strange if they were walking around like Zen Buddhists all the time, but there are long-term benefits for them (and for you) if they learn how to find peace at a young age.

Help From Others

The great thing about belonging to a society is that we don’t have to do things all on our own. If you need a break, or just some help, then you can call on your parents, siblings, and friends to help out. Getting help from others is an excellent way to minimise stress!

Accept You Won’t Be Perfect

Finally, remember that you’ll find it easier to relax if you accept that no-one is a perfect parent. Try your best, and you’ll be “good enough,” which is all you should expect!


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