Baby Clementoni Ride On Unicorn review

If you are anything like me by now you’ll be wracking your brains trying to think of exciting and different Christmas gifts for your little one. I certainly am this year! Usually I’m a ‘plan it all’ spreadsheet kind of girl, but I think this year with a house move, a baby and generally looking after two-under-two my brain has been kind of smushed and the ideas aren’t coming to me as easily as they usually would! I am feeling so disorganised this year. So, talking about Christmas present ideas – we were recently asked to review a brilliant ride-on toy – the Clementoni Ride on unicorn  so if you have a toddler who loves all things horses and unicorns – this one is for you!

The Clementoni Ride on Unicorn is three toys in one. It’s a rocker, a ride on and an activity centre, built to entertain toddlers from 12 months – 36 months. Violet is 22 months now so this is the ideal for her age for this toy. She loves whizzing around, riding her unicorn around the room, stroking it’s face and horn and pressing all the colourful buttons (many, MANY times!)


The ride-on unicorn arrives mainly put together, however the wheels, stickers and rockers need to be attached. This was relatively simple to do, but I made the error of showing Violet the toy in the box so she was a bit disappointed when I had to take it away to assemble it before she could get playing.

Once assembled, the rockers attach and detach with ease. I would say the rockers suit a younger toddler from 12 months to give the toy a little more control, Violet prefers them off so she can have a good scoot around on it’s wheels.


The activity centre has lots of lights, colours, sounds, buttons and catchy tunes to keep your little ones entertained for hours. The sounds are in either English or Spanish (Violet seems to love the Spanish for some reason, maybe it’ll teach her a few words!) and the buttons teach things like ABC, numbers, animal names, sounds and colours. Violet especially loves when her unicorn asks her to give it a cuddle and to stroke it’s mane, she always leans in for a cuddle and gives her a big kiss. She also loves the light-up star on her forehead. The unicorn plays catchy tunes to dance along to as well with sensors to detect movement, so starts to talk and sing when your little one is near.

It’s not all about being a ride-on though, Violet is really into animals at the moment and loves caring for her unicorn like it’s a pet. She hasn’t quite mastered the word ‘unicorn’ so always says ‘Horsie, Horsie’ (which sounds like Haa-hee, haa-hee) as she plays, pretends to brush and wash her unicorn. It’s very cute.

The horn is also soft and squishy giving different textures to explore. Plus Violet loved sticking stickers all over her face (and everything in our house) too.


Violet has really enjoyed playing with her Clementoni Ride-On Unicorn. I do think she would have got more out of it if we’d have got it for her earlier as it’s designed from 12 months, so we’ve missed a big chunk of the ideal age for this toy. Violet is quite tall and long legged for her age and her legs are now quite bent when riding, so I think she will grow out of it within the next couple of months. That isn’t an issue for us as Pearl will get lots of use out of it as she’ll use it on the rockers first then move up to the ride-on over time, but I’d recommend checking the height of your little one if you are buying it for a toddler.

The Clementoni Ride On Unicorn retails at £39.99 and would make a lovely Christmas present – just make sure to assemble it ahead of time, stick a bow on it’s head and jobs a goodun!  You can order your unicorn here.

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